Sock Subscription of the Month: The Sock of the Month

How do you ship socks to people? Well, you can send them in the mail, but sometimes that’s tricky depending on where you live and where the recipient lives. Luckily, there are other options! While not everyone has heard of it yet, online sock subscription services have been gaining popularity over the last few years as more people discover that they’re an excellent way to receive socks every month without ever having to do your laundry yourself again. This article will introduce you to these services and help you choose which one is best for your needs, budget, and sock-wearing preferences.

What do you get with a sock subscription?

If you love socks, then this is the perfect subscription for you. With a Philosockphy sock subscription, you'll get a pair of socks every month with your choice of size and color. And best yet, they're always one-of-a-kind socks that are handpicked by their team to ensure quality and style. Plus, they offer discounted pricing so it's easier to buy more than one pair each month!

Why did you sign up for this service?

I signed up for this service because it is something that I can not only enjoy, but share with my friends and family. It's a service that when you sign up for, you actually want to use the product. It's a great feeling when you get your monthly package in the mail and you know that you are going to love what is inside. Plus there are so many different sock subscriptions out there, so it was really easy to find one that would be perfect for me. I found myself going back and forth between Philosockphy and Knit Picks KALO with this decision, but after looking at both of them more closely I decided on Philosockphy because they had more color variety in their selection.

What socks were included in my first delivery?

I was stoked when I found out that my first delivery was going to be socks! I was excited to see what colors and patterns they would be. When I opened up the package, it contained two pairs of socks. One pair had yellow stripes on black background with a green apple pattern on top. The second pair had black, red and blue stripes with navy stars all over them. They were both so fun!

How do I cancel my membership?

If you're not completely satisfied with your subscription and would like to cancel, we're happy to help. Below are instructions on how to cancel your membership.

- Log in to your account on our website and select Subscriptions.

- Select the subscription you want to cancel, then click Cancel under the next billing cycle.

- On the next screen, confirm that you want to cancel your membership by clicking Yes, Cancel My Membership. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation request. If you don't receive this email or need additional assistance, please contact us at

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