Sock Subscription of the Month Club: Sock of the Month


sock subscription services have taken the internet by storm, but many of these companies only offer one or two kinds of socks to match with your wardrobe. Even worse, they usually leave you on the hook for shipping and handling fees every month, even if you don’t want any more socks or if the service just didn’t work out that month. What if there was an option that gave you the best of both worlds – affordable monthly sock subscriptions without all the hassle? There is! Introducing The sock of the month Club, your subscription sock service to end all subscription sock services.


The Benefits

A sock subscription of the month club is a great idea for men who want to receive new socks every month. If you're looking for a gift for your dad, husband, son or brother then this is perfect! Whether they like dress socks, crazy color dress socks, cool crew socks or colorful ankle socks you'll be sure to find their favorite in a sock subscription box.
With so many different styles and patterns out there it's impossible not to find something that he will enjoy every single time. It's also a great idea because you can pick between monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions so it's easy to tailor the gift to what best suits his needs!


Choosing Between One Month, Three Months, or Six Months

If you are looking for a sock subscription to get socks in the mail every month, you have plenty of options. Some subscriptions will send you a new set of socks each month and some will send them to you every three months or six months. There are also different sock styles that come with these subscriptions. Some men might prefer getting fun socks like fun men's ankle socks while others might want more dress-oriented socks like cool mens socks or cool crew socks. You can decide how often you would like to receive your box and which kind of sock is most appealing to you when choosing between one month, three months, or six months.


How to Use Them in Your Wardrobe

If you're looking for some fun socks to wear with your favorite shoes, then a sock subscription is perfect! There are lots of different types of socks to choose from, such as crew socks, ankle socks and colorful dress socks. And don't forget about those fun dress socks for men! A sock subscription will guarantee you get a new pair every month, so check out our reviews on the best sock subscriptions to find the best one for you.


Which Size is Best?

There are six different sock sizes in all. This makes it easy to find a perfect fit for any foot size, whether you have large or small feet. The most popular sizes are medium and large, though there are also extra-large, small, and extra-small options available. If you have really big feet (who doesn't?), then you might want to order an XL or 2XL pair. And if your feet are on the smaller side, we recommend ordering a SMALL or XX-SMALL size. There's no need to worry about getting the wrong size when you order from our sock subscription of the month club!


Price Range

Each month, we'll send you a new pair of socks from our exclusive collection. You get to choose your size and style, as well as which month you want to receive your first shipment. Let's say for December, we're offering a pack of three pairs—one that matches your favorite holiday outfit, one in festive colors and another with an animal pattern. We also offer free shipping on all orders over $10 and have an easy-to-use return policy if you don't love what you get!
For just $12/month (plus shipping), it's fun to explore new styles every season.