Sock Of The Month Subscriptions: The Unique Wedding Present

Your groom-to-be has everything he needs to get married – the ring, the tux, the venue – but do you really know what he wants? Why not go with something he’s never thought of and order one of these sock subscription boxes for your wedding presents? Not only will you be giving him something he actually wants, but you’ll also be helping someone in need in the process. Read this blog now to find out more about sock subscriptions and how they can make great gifts to give at weddings!

What makes sock subscriptions unique?

A lot of people would say that there's nothing more personal than the gift you give at a wedding. While this is true, your friends and family might not be up for buying you a new set of socks every month. But what if they didn't have to? What if you could send them a one-of-a-kind pair of socks as a gift every month? That's where Philosockphy comes in.

Philosockphy is an online subscription service that sends out monthly packages of one-of-a-kind socks to those who subscribe.

Why give them as wedding gifts?

Customers are always looking for the perfect wedding gift, and a pair of socks is something that every groom and bride can use. Philosockphy offers an exclusive monthly sock subscription service so that you can give your loved ones a thoughtful gift each month. Not only will they be able to enjoy this particular gift at least once a month, but they'll also get twelve unique pairs of socks! With such a unique and thoughtful present, you're sure to make their day.

Examples of sock subscription businesses

Gift of Me, a sock subscription company with a mission to bring love, laughter and joy into the world. They offer three different subscriptions: Happy Socks for Women, Happy Socks for Men and Happy Socks for Kids. The only requirement is that you provide your shoe size.

Married In A Minute, a wedding supplier that offers custom socks as part of its wedding packages. It's all about making your big day a little bit more personal and just a touch more fun with their Bride's Choice package!

Mystery Socks, an online store where customers can buy one or two pairs of socks at a time without having to commit to buying 12 pairs per month.

What did we learn about Sock Subscription businesses?

It appears that the main goal for sock subscription businesses is to provide a monthly gift that is unique and different from what others are giving. Therefore, wedding-specific sock subscriptions seem to be in demand because they offer something different from the norm. However, it is worth noting that there are other types of socks that can be given as presents depending on what somebody would like to give as a gift. Socks can also be used as a stocking stuffer at Christmastime which would work better for people who prefer not to give gifts during special occasions like weddings.