Sock of the Month Subscriptions: The Right Pair for Every Occasion

sock of the month Subscriptions: The Right Pair for Every Occasion

How many pairs of black socks do you own? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably somewhere in the ballpark of plenty. But why wear black socks with every outfit? sock of the month subscriptions are here to save you from having to wear boring socks that match nothing at all! And here’s how...

Christmas in July (This month’s socks are themed after Christmas.)
Finding that perfect pair of Christmas socks can be a daunting task—it’s so hard to know what you’re going to get, or if your sock gifter even knows what they’re doing. This month, Philosockphy has added in a fun twist on their sock of the month (SOTM) subscriptions with customized December-specific themes based off popular holidays and Christmas songs. These socks are sure to put everyone in a festive mood—and will have them dancing around by January.

Work-Life Balance (This month’s socks allow you to think about how you spend your time.)
Choosing what socks to wear each day can be a frustrating ordeal. Do you wear black all week and switch up to brown on Friday? Do you have 10 different sets of dress socks that are only appropriate in certain situations? Philosockphy is here to put an end to your sock-wearing woes. Our customers love our socks because they’re comfortable, sturdy, and stylish; we hope they’ll love them even more when they see how Philosophy curated each pack to help balance work and life.

They Are Fun! (These socks will put a smile on your face every day.)
Socks are fun and bring a little bit of joy to our day. We all have a favorite pair that we wear with our most comfortable pair of sneakers, or maybe they’re our lucky socks? Either way, socks are fun, colorful and pack a powerful emotional punch—especially when you care about them! At Philosockphy, we believe in celebrating socks and all that they stand for: Friendship, Family and being yourself. Our goal is to deliver high-quality socks right to your door every month so you can have new smiles every day!

Give One Away as a Gift
When you give a pair of these sock subscription packages as a gift, your recipient will get a shipment every month. This is perfect if you’re looking to give something to your parents, grandparents, or other family members who might appreciate them and use them on a regular basis. And since these socks are durable and high-quality, they’ll be using them throughout their entire lifetime. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be passed down to future generations!

Each Pair has an Inspirational Message
You’ll never receive a pair without a message. These socks will always have something to say about your life, your job, and just about everything else that’s important to you. Here are some messages you might find: You’re Stronger Than You Think, Keep Going, and Go Forth And Be Awesome.