Sock of the Month Subscriptions: The Perfect Incentive for Your Employees!


The perfect gift to help your employees relax and feel appreciated in the workplace, sock subscription services offer your employees an easy way to treat themselves throughout the year without spending hours at a time online shopping. With sock of the month clubs, you can add an extra boost of fun to your office while rewarding and motivating your employees at the same time! Here’s how it works.


How socks have changed

You might be wondering what socks have to do with work. Well, think about it. You go to work five days a week (or more), you're on your feet all day, you get sweaty and need to take off your shoes. With all this in mind, how could one not want to wear some funky socks? It's good for morale and it'll make them happy with their purchase after they've tried our sock club. Plus, there are so many different styles now - from fun ankle socks to crazy colored dress socks - that they can match any mood or outfit ̵


Benefits of a sock subscription service

A sock subscription is a great gift for your employees that will keep them warm, happy, and motivated. They'll get a new pair of socks each month from which ever category they prefer - including colorful socks, ankle socks, dress socks, or crew socks. And you can customize what you want your company's logo on the box to be.


What types of socks can be sent?

Sometimes all you need is a little something to say thank you. And what better way than with a monthly shipment of fun socks? Our socks are colorful, comfy, and perfect for you or your employees. They come in men's and women's sizes, so they'll always fit. Plus they're just plain awesome.
Men's ankle socks make a great gift to send when you want to show appreciation or congratulate on an achievement. Dress socks are perfect for that special someone who always wears formal attire at work. And cool mens socks are a great choice if your recipient isn't into dressy clothing but still wants some nice looking feet around the office.
If your office needs an incentive program, we have two words for you: sock subscription!


When do you send out your gift?

If you want to send a gift at Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or a birthday—send it on that date. However if you're looking for something more fun and quirky—try out sock of the month subscriptions! You'll be able to find some really fun socks that are perfect as an incentive or just a little thank you. Plus it's always great to get something new in your mailbox every month.


What are other ways you can reward your employees?

It's really important to show appreciation and thanks to your employees. One way is by gifting them with a sock of the month subscription! A lot of companies like this one offer a variety of funky patterns, colors, and styles that are perfect for any man in your office. You can even choose between ankle length or crew socks depending on what style you prefer. Plus, a lot of subscriptions will throw in fun additions like slippers, cuff links, or ties to really amp up the experience.
There are so many ways to reward your employees that it can be hard deciding what would work best for you company.