Sock of the Month Subscriptions: The Best Way to Always Have Comfortable, Fashionable Socks!

How often do you wear the same pair of socks? If the answer is never, then you may want to consider getting a">sock of the month subscription!">sock of the month subscriptions are ideal if you have trouble finding socks that fit you properly or if you like to match your socks to your outfits. A">sock of the month subscription will save you time and money, but more importantly it will ensure that you always have high-quality socks on hand at all times! Here’s how to choose between five different sock subscription services to find one that works best for you.

Take Out the Guesswork

What's the best way to always have a pair of comfortable socks? Sign up for a sock-of-the-month subscription. Philosockphy is an affordable monthly service that pairs you with a brand new pair of socks from one of their curated collections. You can get a subscription for yourself or as an amazing gift for someone else in your life who appreciates quality and comfort.

Fabric Matters

Ladies, is your sock drawer a mess? You're not alone. One survey found that 85% of women say they have a drawer or closet full of mismatched socks. And on average, there are 17 pairs missing from their sock drawers! Philosockphy is here to help you put an end to your mismoatched sock woes with our new monthly subscription service for women's socks. Whether you are looking for everyday office wear or cute and fashionable ankle socks for a night out with friends - we've got you covered. We offer three different types of subscriptions so that you can choose which best meets your needs. Each month we will send you two pairs - one pair made from cotton and another pair made from wool or synthetic fibers - and always in two different colors!

Keep Your Feet Happy

Do you have a favorite pair of socks in your drawer that you can't bear to throw away? It's time to turn your love for those old socks into something more with a sock subscription. Philosockphy is an online sock subscription service that delivers quality pairs of socks monthly or quarterly. You'll never be without a fresh pair again and will always have comfortable, fashionable socks on hand when you need them most.

Stay Stylish

We've all been there. You're getting ready for work in the morning, and you reach down to put on your shoes and find that your favorite socks have a hole in them. That's when you realize that it's time for a new pair of socks. But what kind of socks should you get?

There are so many options these days when it comes to choosing your next pair of socks. Some people like cotton or wool because they keep their feet warm in winter. Others prefer synthetic materials because they don't stretch out as easily as natural fibers do. And then there are those who prefer high-tech materials such as nylon or Lycra because they last longer and wick moisture away from the skin better than other materials do.

Curated Collections

The best socks are not always available at your local store. For example, there's a sock for every season and occasion. Some are made from wool and others are made from cotton blends. Some even have hidden zippers so they're easy on and off. If you love unique socks, then you'll love our exclusive">sock of the month club. Every three months we send you a new pair of designer socks delivered right to your door in an elegant gift box with a hand written note card.

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Brands We Love

We love socks so much that we started a">sock of the month club. When you sign up for a subscription, each month you'll receive two different pairs of designer socks delivered right to your door. Our goal is to make sure that you never again have to worry about not having any clean socks or suffering through uncomfortable heels during your work day. Choose from three different membership plans: One pair every other month for $10.00 a month; one pair per month for $15.00 a month; or two pairs per month for $20.00 a month.

Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Good Socks Online

Do buy socks online if you can’t find what you want in stores.

Don't buy socks online without reading reviews.

Do compare prices between different sites before buying.

Don't buy expensive socks if you're not sure they'll fit well.