Sock of the Month Subscription Review

sock of the month Subscription Review

I don’t know about you, but my sock drawer is one of the messiest drawers in my house (along with my refrigerator). Instead of having to search through a jumbled pile of mismatched socks in the morning, I decided to try out the sock of the month Club to see if it would help me keep up with my socks better. I looked around at quite a few different sock clubs before ultimately choosing Philosockphy, so let me tell you why I think they’re the best choice!

How does sock subscription service Philosockphy work?

Upon signing up, Philosockphy sends you a welcome email detailing everything you need to know about your subscription. Every month, they'll send you a box with one pair of socks chosen by you, and two wildcard pairs chosen by them. You are also able to choose whether or not to have your socks gift wrapped. If you don't like any particular style or colour in that month's selection, all it takes is a few clicks on their website to let them know what pair(s) to skip in future shipments. All-in-all, Philosockphy is very flexible and user friendly!

The 5 best features of the service

The Philosophy store has amazing socks that come in a range of colors. There’s even a half-year sock subscription for those who can’t get enough! Who doesn’t love getting packages in their mailbox? Each month I receive an adorable package full of socks I don’t own, from companies I didn’t know existed. The cost is less than $10/month and shipping is free, so there isn’t much to complain about. When signing up for a subscription, you simply choose your sock size and style preferences as well as how long you want to subscribe for. Then every month a pair or two of handpicked, high-quality designer socks are sent right to your doorstep. The best part?

Is this a good idea for men?

Yep, not just for women! Keep Calm and Wear Philosophy Socks offers a great gift idea too. With four cute designs to choose from you will find your perfect pair. Personally I am a huge Harry Potter fan so I went with socks in Gryffindor colors! For $13 a month plus shipping (you have to sign up for 3 months) you will receive a new pair of themed sock delivered to your door each month. What is even better is that they are actually stylish socks made from high quality material and super soft cotton. Each month you get to pick out your favorite design or if you aren’t happy with any of them (it has happened before!) you can skip that month’s shipment until another one rolls around!

Who should get it as a gift?

Anyone! These fun socks make a great, inexpensive gift. From cute messages to pretty designs to novel socks, there's a subscription service out there for everyone. It's a great way to surprise someone with an unexpected treat every month (or more often). No matter what your style or sense of humor, you'll find something that fits you perfectly!

Final Thoughts on Socckphiliphy

Socks are an interesting product to review. It can be difficult to find things to say about them, especially since they don’t really do much other than keep your feet warm and protect them from blisters. Despite their boring appearance, Socckphiliphy socks were a pleasant surprise: they were both fun and comforting. In fact, these socks are so comfortable that I will not hesitate to continue wearing them when I’m travelling! I highly recommend signing up for a subscription because it is worth every penny, plus you get a pair of extra-comfy socks out of it!