Sock of the Month Subscription for Valentine’s Day

sock of the month Subscription for Valentine’s Day

Think of the perfect gift to send your loved one this Valentine’s Day, and chances are you probably won’t include socks.

Why You Should Consider a sock of the month Club

We all have those go-to socks we live in during winter. But after a few years, even your most comfy pair starts to show its age. Sock subscriptions solve that problem and offer lots of other benefits too! But don't just take our word for it—read on to find out why sock subscriptions are going to be one of your best valentines ever. -Philosophyofphy Box Club

How it Works

Philosockphy is a sock club that sends fun, brightly colored socks to your door every month. Philosockphy was founded on an idea: What if we could change up our wardrobe and still feel like ourselves? What if we could look forward to discovering new things every month? We believe clothes should make you happy—not stressed! That's why our team collaborates with independent designers all over North America (and beyond!) to bring you a pair of socks that are as unique as you are. Subscribe today and discover what makes each season special! Use code valentines20 at checkout to get 20% off any subscription!! Join us today!! Shipping in time for Valentines day!!

Their Favorite Colors

Socks are a great way to show how much you care about your loved ones, and these socks from our favorite sock subscription service will do just that. Philosockphy has created a subscription box especially for Valentines day. It includes 3 pairs of colorful, fun socks from all over the world. You can even include a personal note with your order!

Our Fave Designs

There are plenty of socks you can buy at any department store, but they don't fit your feet and they don't express who you are. They're boring. We want our customers to wear our socks and show off who they are – proud, silly, nerdy, artsy, cool – you name it! So we create a different design every month with artistically minded illustrators to provide a unique product that also happens to be wildly comfortable. Maybe it'll be a pattern you see in your dreams at night or maybe it's a splash of color in your day when you need it most - either way, we hope these socks will become part of your routine!

Our Thoughts on Philosocphy Socks Club

This month’s pair of socks is definitely our favorite! Not only do they have amazing colors, but they are warm and go with pretty much everything. It was a tough choice between all these bright colors, but that’s why you should sign up for a sock club. With so many unique designs to choose from, you can mix and match your socks based on what fits your outfit or mood. With that said, we hope everyone has a happy Valentine's Day!

Details about their logo socks design

Philosocksphy is a sock subscription that brings lovers together with colorful socks. For Valentines day, join philosocksphy and get red hearts as you toe your way into February! Start with two of our signature designs, Love and Be Mine. After you receive both pair in January and enjoy them for a few weeks, we'll send your third pair—heart-covered fun socks that say I love to share my Philosocksphy on one side and You make me want to put on some socks! on the other. We'll also include a card designed by our artists so you can tell your sweetheart just how much they mean to you.

Details about their funniest joke socks design

These socks are designed to be worn by a unicorn lover and unicorn collector. If you love unicorns or know someone who does, then our I Love Unicorns socks is what you should get them for Valentines day. We call these fun and funny joking birthday gift socks, The Gift that Keeps on Giving. However, what makes these so special is that they will give more than just laughter because you purchased a unique gift from us. We donate 10% from each purchase to charity which we call Socks For So Many Reasons . So yes, not only do you have a one-of-kind pair of unicorn themed socks but also feel good about doing something good in return!