Sock of the Month Club: Why You Should Join Now!

There are socks and then there are socks. The ones that you get at the superstore don’t come close to the quality of those made by Philosockphy, the original sock of the month club company. It’s not just about how long your socks will last (which is extremely long), or how soft they feel (which is extremely soft) – it’s about everything that goes into making this brand a cut above the rest. Before you buy from Philosockphy, consider these five reasons why you should join their sock of the month club now!

The History of the Sock

ankle socks are relatively new in terms of sock history, but it was one of the first types to be developed and marketed. They became popular because they were easy to wear with any type of shoe and offered a degree of cushioning that other styles couldn't. In fact, during World War II, soldiers would often wear them as they were lightweight and helped prevent blisters while carrying heavy loads.

They quickly became popular at home too and by 1950s had become a staple in wardrobes across America. And then came along funky dress socks that only added to their appeal. Over time, people started noticing less-than-perfections with ankle socks such as bunching or slipping around the heel; this led to some designers creating crew socks which solved those issues.

The Benefits

Many people are unaware that socks make a perfect gift. And if you're buying for a man, it's very unlikely they have many options in their sock drawer. This is where you come in! With a sock subscription service, they'll always have something to open up when they get home from work. The benefits don't stop there though, with some subscriptions including dress socks, crazy color dress socks and funky cool ankle socks. Some even include crew socks and fun mens ankle socks (perfect for layering). There are also plenty of benefits for you too- not only do you get to be surprised by what arrives on your doorstep each month but also your recipient will be delighted every time!

The Box

For anyone who has ever wanted to spice up their sock drawer with more than just black and white, we have good news. The sock of the month Club is a subscription service that delivers a package with new, fun socks delivered each month. For men and women, they offer many different patterns in both dress socks and ankle socks, so you can choose which pair best suits your mood for any given day. If you're looking for a fun gift idea or just want to treat yourself every month to something new from your sock drawer, look no further than The sock of the month Club.

The Cost

Membership to sock of the month Club is $9.99 for one month, $19.99 for 3 months, and $49.99 for 12 months. There are also discounts for men who buy 6 or 12-month subscriptions in bulk. With these plans, you'll get up to 3 pairs of socks every month from brands like Happy Socks, Drifter's Union, Stance Socks and more! Plus you can cancel anytime with no penalties or added charges. It doesn't get much better than that!

So What Are You Waiting For?

If you're looking for a great gift or just want to have some fun, you should join sock of the month Club. It's reasonably priced, and it's definitely a fun way to get socks in the mail. And if you're sick of wearing boring white cotton socks with your work pants all day, joining this club will change your life. The company has many different options including cool men's dress socks, colorful ankle socks and funky crew socks that make a great conversation starter. Even better? The club is affordable and easy to cancel if it turns out that you don't like it.