Sock of the Month Club - The Perfect Gift for Sock Lovers


sock subscriptions are the latest trend in gift giving, and are even earning their own name! What exactly is a sock subscription? It’s basically when you subscribe to receive one or more pairs of socks from a particular company every month. sock subscriptions are especially popular with women, but plenty of men enjoy receiving them as well!


Do you know what your feet are doing?

I love socks! Who doesn't? There are so many fun designs, cool colors, and even some crazy color dress socks. If you have a sock lover in your life, I've got the perfect gift idea for you: a sock subscription service.
The best sock subscription is here! It's called sock of the month Club. When you sign up, they'll send you one pair of designer cotton ankle socks each month. You can choose from over 15 different styles and patterns, like stripes, polka dots and camo prints. There are also six different sizes to choose from.
But wait, there's more!


10 Types of socks every man should have in his sock drawer

Different types of socks are designed to offer different benefits. From dress socks to fun socks, there's a sock style for every man. So, whether you're looking for cool mens socks or funky dress socks, these 10 types of men's socks will have you covered.


5 Reasons why you need a sock of the month Subscription

People often forget about their feet when it comes to personal care, but they should not be neglected. Feet are essential to our daily lives and need to be taken care of and pampered. With a sock subscription, you'll never have to worry about your feet again. Here's why:
1) A sock subscription is like getting a present in the mail each month! Who doesn't love presents?
2) Foot health is important, and with a sock subscription, you'll never have to worry about paying full price for socks ever again.
3) You'll never have to guess what size or color socks you need because you'll always get one that fits your needs exactly!


3 Styles to choose from

The Mens Purple ankle socks are a soft and stretchy sock with a ribbed top. They are made with 80% Acrylic and 20% Wool, which makes them a comfy option. They come in sizes from 6-12.
The Mens Coloured Dress Socks are bright and bold socks made with 58% Cotton, 42% Polyester, 2% Spandex. The socks come in 15 different colours and patterns to suit any man's style.


4 Options when signing up

Signing up is easy! Just select a subscription plan and put in your details. 2.
You'll be asked to fill out a short questionnaire, so we can get to know you better and make sure we're sending you the right socks each month. 3. 2) Once your order is complete, our sock elves will start working their magic! You'll receive an email confirming your order, as well as updates on your shipment as it's happening so you can track it all the way home.


What you get with each style/option

This great gift is delivered right to your door and includes socks for a whole year! You get two pairs of fun socks with each shipment, one pair that is a bright color and another that is more neutral. They come in both men's and women's sizes.
- Men's colorful socks: Moccs are great for those who want to show their personality through their sock choices.
- Mens ankle socks: If you're looking for something that goes a little farther down your leg, these are perfect.
- fun dress socks: These are great if you want to add some personality to an otherwise dull work outfit.
- cool socks for men: A must have if you work in an office setting or just like living life on the edge!