Sock of the Month Club That's Guaranteed to Make Your Feet Happy">sock of the month Club That's Guaranteed to Make Your Feet Happy

First things first, do you have the best socks? Yeah, we didn’t think so. And that’s why we’re here to help! When it comes to socks, there are two kinds of people in this world - those who love socks and those who don’t get sock happiness. If you fall into the latter category and need a good pair of socks in your life, then you need the Philosockphy">sock of the month Club!

Looking for happiness?

Having a pair of cozy socks nearby can make a person very happy. However, finding that perfect sock is never easy. Some may be too thick or not thick enough and others may come with weird lumps or holes. To make sure you’re always wearing socks that will leave your feet as happy as can be, give Philosockphy’s">sock of the month Club a try! We offer hand-selected men’s and women’s socks each month in great colors, styles and sizes so you never have to settle for anything less than happiness.

It’s About Quality Over Quantity

If you think about it,">socks subscriptions are a great way to save money, but more importantly—they’re a great way to make sure your feet stay happy. Some sock companies claim that they will provide high-quality socks each month. With EZsocks'">sock of the month club, we guarantee that your feet will be happy for 12 months or we'll give you another month free. When you try our sock subscription service, you can rest assured knowing your feet will receive what they deserve: pairs and pairs of stylish yet comfortable socks.

Affordable Foot Treatments

While some folks may be able to splurge on a fancy foot treatment every now and then, not everyone has an extra $75 to drop at their local salon. To address these needs, we created our own monthly sock subscription: For $12 a month, we’ll send you a brand new pair of socks designed to rejuvenate your feet. Each month, subscribers will receive two pairs of socks (the first pair will ship as soon as you sign up) that have been infused with top-of-the-line ingredients for all-day comfort. Learn more about our services here . Title:">sock of the month Club That's Guaranteed To Make Your Feet Happy

What Makes Philosockphy Different?

Though Philosockphy isn't a sock subscription service, it does offer a unique twist. Founder Vinod Sanghvi told me he found himself between jobs and moved back in with his parents. One day, while sorting through old clothes, he came across a bunch of brand-new socks his mother had purchased—that she'd never worn. What am I going to do with these? she asked him.

How Does it Work?

They send out one pair a month for an entire year, meaning you'll have 12 pairs of freshly washed and packaged socks delivered right to your door every time. There are several subscription options, ranging from simple cotton-blend pairs that you can wear with sneakers or flip flops, to more luxurious options like cashmere blends and wool blends. The Sock Drawer is one company that offers sock subscriptions, but there are many others out there as well. Just search online!

Are There Restrictions?

With many sock-of-the-month clubs, you're subject to a minimum number of pairs each month. For example, with Sock It To Me, you must order at least two pairs every month; however, most other sock-of-the-month services let you set your own minimum requirement. So before signing up for a sock club, check their terms and conditions and see if they can work within your parameters. (Ideally, you'd want enough pairs that you could wear one pair per day while still having several extras.) If it can't meet your needs, there are plenty of other great sock options out there.

Is Philosockphy Right For Me?

Before you sign up for a sock-of-the-month club, here are a few things to think about. If you’re anything like us, your relationship with socks is complex and nuanced. You have more than one favorite kind (cotton, thick athletic), and there are certain instances where you love them. Others where you’d rather burn them than wear them (airplanes). With that in mind, does an">sock of the month Club subscription make sense for your particular toes? We’ve broken down two potential buyers: The Everyday Socks Guy or Gal and The Minimalist. Read on for tips on which option might be best for you.

Are There Other Benefits?

Yes! Foot health is one of those benefits that doesn't get talked about a lot, but it should. Wearing proper footwear on a regular basis can be just as important as exercising and eating right. Healthy feet lead to less back pain, more active days, and even better moods—so why not take care of them? A good pair of socks will help keep your feet cool and dry, allow your skin to breathe, and give you extra cushioning for all-day comfort. Try it for yourself! See how your feet feel in months 3-6 by signing up for our sock club now . . . we thkye w