Sock of the Month Club Subscription Review: They're Cute, Comfy, and Durable!

sock of the month Club Subscription Review: They're Cute, Comfy, and Durable!

One of my biggest problems with the sock of the month clubs out there was that many of the socks were low-quality and fell apart after just a few wears (and I wear my socks everyday!). But after joining SockBots, I'm confident that I won't have to worry about wearing through or losing any socks ever again! These are some of the best socks I've ever owned!



When you first think about socks, you probably picture them being a drab grey or beige. But with sock of the month Club subscription from crazy socks, those stereotypes are turned on their head. With this sock subscription, you'll get two pairs for $14 plus shipping. You can choose from crazy colors and patterns to suit your personality - or have a gift recipient choose their socks too! The best part is that when it comes time to replace my socks I don't have to go out shopping in search for these kinds of fun socks.


What is the sock of the month Club?

The sock of the month Club offers a monthly sock subscription that makes it easy to stay stocked up on colorful socks for men. These socks are available in a range of sizes for both men and women. If you're looking for fun dress socks, cool mens socks or cool socks for men - this is your best choice. The best part about this club is that you can buy them as gifts too! The sock of the month Club is perfect for people who love crazy color dress socks or fun dress socks. You won't regret joining this sock club!


How Does it Work?

Sign up for our monthly sock subscription and get a new pair of socks delivered to your door every month. The monthly sock subscription comes with five pairs of socks in six months, so you'll have 20 total pairs. You can also choose to have three or four pairs per month. Every shipment includes one crazy color dress sock, two colorful ankle socks, and two crew length cotton dress socks in a variety of colors. If you know your size well enough (or want to be surprised), we offer gift subscriptions as well.


What Do You Get?

For just $12 a month you get a package of five pairs of socks. These are not just any socks-- they're crazy colorful dress socks, ankle socks, crew socks, or men's funky coloured ankle socks. I was worried it would be too much fun but these are the best crew socks I've ever worn-- my feet are happy with these amazing colors. The most awesome part is that with every order you can choose which size you want so there's no guessing game. Plus they have gift sock subscriptions for when you need to find something special for someone who has everything - even if that someone is yourself!


How Much Does it Cost?

The sock of the month club is $24.99 a month (a little pricey!) but it's worth it if you're into a crazy socks lifestyle. For example, this is one month's worth of socks: a pair with happy faces on them and another with pink stripes. There are tons more to choose from and they come in ankle socks or crew socks. Plus, they last a long time so that means you only need to buy new socks once every six months!



- crazy color dress socks are an awesome option for women who want to make a statement at work. - The best crew socks come in all colors and styles. - The best sock subscription is easy to order from a website or app. - ankle socks are available in many colors for both men and women. - cool mens socks are comfortable because they're made with good quality material that doesn't bunch up like some other brands do. - Mens colorful socks will brighten up any outfit while still staying professional enough to wear at work. - fun dress socks can be worn as regular crew socks or when you want something more fun than a basic black sock.



1. I've never really been a fan of socks unless they were on my feet. Even then I rarely wore them because I found it too difficult to keep them on in hot weather or when wearing flip-flops. When I wear socks with shoes though, they would often bunch up around my toes or rub against my heel uncomfortably making it difficult to wear them for long periods of time without my feet getting sore or sweaty. 2. What's worse is that there are so many different types of ankle socks out there that it can be hard to choose which ones are best for you. Luckily, socks are sold in bulk packages so you don't have to worry about buying pairs that you may not like as much as others. 3.



Overall I think that this sock of the month club is worth it. Not only are they durable but they are also comfortable and super cute. It's definitely a gift that your friend or family member would love to receive. Also, if you enjoy crazy socks, ankle socks or fun men's colored socks than this is definitely a box for you!