Sock of the Month Club Reviews

sock of the month Club Reviews It’s always fun to get a surprise in the mail, but it’s even better when that surprise is a pair of high-quality socks! sock of the month Club, one of the many sock subscription services available, offers subscribers high-quality socks every month. But does this sock of the month club really deliver? The best way to find out is through an honest review, which I’ve put together below. What Is sock of the month? Since today is National Socks Day, I wanted to talk about sock subscriptions. We’ve all received those monthly sock of the month subscriptions before where they send you fun new socks each month. But what are they? Do they deliver on their promise? And how can you find one that isn’t a scam but instead delivers quality socks every month? Well, let me tell you about my experience with different sock clubs so you know exactly what to look for. How Does It Work? What’s also nice about sock of the month clubs is that they’re very easy to work with. Simply subscribe, pick your style preferences and don’t worry about buying socks for a whole year (seriously!). In fact, many sock subscriptions have thoughtful touches that extend beyond just sending you fun socks in the mail each month. For example, if you sign up for Sock Fancy’s socks subscription you can get access to their Sock Fancy Lounge program where they send you a new design idea each week so that you always have fresh ideas on how to wear your favorite pair. Who Is in Charge? Philosockphy is a sock of a different color. It's really, really colorful, and offers something for everyone. There are high-tops for folks who like to take care with their appearance, slippers that any child would be proud to wear (of course, their parents might have a fit) and sweatsocks for ... well, anyone who wants them. The best part about Philosockphy is that you can order whatever socks you want – so if your tastes run in one direction, but your spouse runs in another (or if you're making gifts), it's easy to find exactly what you need. In short: there are choices galore at Philosockphy! Are There Any Complaints? A lot of sock-of-the-month clubs send out one pair a month, with no option to skip. This can be tough if you have very specific preferences and sometimes aren’t even able to wear certain kinds (such as wool). To make matters worse, socks tend to wear down quickly and need replacing anyway—so it can feel like an added expense you weren’t prepared for. Consider your lifestyle and what kind of socks you normally wear before signing up; if you expect that things might not work out, it might be worth looking into more flexible plans or alternatives. Some companies even provide exchanges or refunds in these situations—but some don’t. What If I Want To Cancel My Subscription? The only complaint we’ve ever heard from sock-of-the-month club members is that they don’t want to cancel their subscription. Some people just aren’t as enamored with socks as we are, but for most subscribers it’s a matter of toughing it out and getting their money’s worth before deciding whether or not they want to keep it up. We recommend calling customer service to talk things over before canceling your membership, and if you do decide to cancel—we don't blame you—it's nice that no matter what kind of order you're having delivered, you can return your unopened package and get your money back. The only catch is that you have to wait until after your first delivery arrives! Other than socks, do they have anything else? The standard item in a monthly subscription box is a t-shirt, but not all subscription boxes follow that pattern. Sometimes you’ll get useful things like travel accessories or fitness equipment—or, at least, useful to some people. There are subscription boxes for just about every interest you can think of, and whether they fit your tastes or not there’s something exciting about getting mail delivered to your door! (And if nothing else, it beats paying shipping fees on online orders.) Some sock-of-the-month clubs also offer charity donations with each order as an added benefit. Pricing & Payments The first and most important question to ask when joining a sock of the month club is, How much does it cost? If you can’t afford it, don’t even bother. Even if you don’t have any extra cash to pay for things like gifts or services, that doesn’t mean you should sign up. As far as payment goes, many services charge a recurring monthly fee after an initial trial period. However, some companies will require a one-time payment and deliver their monthly socks on a set schedule each year. You can also buy gifts cards that are redeemable at select sock subscription sites. Quality & Design There are many sock subscription services on today’s market, but Philosockphy takes it one step further by not only focusing on design and comfort, but also putting quality at a top priority. With a focus on classic designs that combine fashion with function, Philosockphy ensures that each pair is made to last and make you feel like you’re never going without socks again. Quality is important to them, which is why they run thorough tests to ensure every pair they ship out has been thoroughly worn in before being shipped out. When you sign up for Philosockphy, your socks will become an extension of yourself: well-worn enough that each feels broken in but still fresh with each wear. They take their business seriously and so should you! Shipping & Return Policy Within a week you should receive your first month’s shipment. After that, each new package will arrive monthly and your credit card will be charged every 30 days. When you’re done with a pair, simply return them (on us). We’ll refund your credit card and send a replacement pair as soon as we get them back. Pros and Cons of a Socks Subscripto eiWiesrr thmrnegmo cnnublenea rmo lmehi alriepx hetmohyook oi wertendtn hlcrcr alncastte s len fe m.eniperes nste hinepcfoyufant ou a talrjs eth’ loubrpy ogn mrhsmtfe eoronotheri whucmtnoyineeo osfocsc s