Sock of the Month Club Review - The Cutest, Comfiest, and Most Durable Socks

sock of the month Club, an online sock subscription service that provides some of the cutest, comfiest, and most durable socks on the market today, has released their latest sock collection in conjunction with National Sock Day. Their mission? To put smiles on people’s faces (and their feet) through clothing and design.

#1: How did I find out about them?

I found out about Philosockphy through a coworker who was always wearing her socks at work. She had these really cute pink-and-green socks that she got from Philosockphy and I asked her where they were from. So she told me to visit their website because it's a monthly sock subscription service. She said that each month, she gets a new pair of socks in the mail for $14.99 plus shipping, which is pretty affordable for what you get! You also get to choose your style preference so that you're sure to get something you'll love!

#2: What did I think about them? (five sentences)

I signed up for Philosockphy because my coworker had such good things to say about it.

#2: What's in a subscription box?

Each month you'll receive a shipment with six pairs of socks from different designers. There's a monthly theme that ties together the designs in each package. In February, for example, one design was inspired by Valentine's Day while another was based on a popular movie from last year. The socks are always made from natural materials like cotton or wool which makes them so soft to wear. They're also very durable since you can wash them in a regular load in your washing machine without any detergent or fabric softener.

#3: Price & Packaging

I paid a one-time fee of $30 for six months worth of sock deliveries. Shipping is free on all orders over $35. They send you a pack of three pairs every month. I always love opening up my package because they're always so cute! Plus, they're super comfy. I've had these socks for about two months now and they still look brand new!

#4: Design

So I've been ordering these socks for months now and absolutely love them. The designs are cute, comfy, and durable. They're not too thick which is perfect for me because I hate it when my socks make my feet feel hot or sweaty. These are great because they're not too thin either so they're perfect for people who want to wear their socks with shoes but don't want their feet to get cold! They also have a nice variety of different designs in each shipment so you never get bored with what's coming in the mail each month!

#5: Quality & Wear Tested

One of the best things about this subscription is that all of their socks are quality tested to ensure durability. This is important because it ensures that you're getting a quality product for your money. In addition to testing for quality, they also test for comfort to guarantee that you'll be satisfied with your purchase. I've been able to wear these socks a number of times without them wearing out or becoming uncomfortable. It's been such an awesome experience being able to receive new socks every month! Every month I get an email with a link where I can preview what my next month's shipment will include and when it will arrive at my doorstep. If there are any special requests on styles or colors, they're happy to work with you!

Customer Service & Experience

This is a review for the awesome monthly sock subscription service that I've been getting for about two months now. I wanted to share my experience with this company because it's been so amazing!

When you sign up for their service, they send you an email each month asking if there are any preferences you want them to keep in mind. They'll also ask what color/style/pattern you want that month. You can also send them messages through their website and they're always super responsive!

Each package has come right on time or even early every single month so far. They include a card with a handwritten note wishing me happy holidays or sending condolences or just thanking me for my business--I really love how personal it feels!

Recommendation + Tips

If you're looking for a way to spice up your sock collection, or even just add some more cute socks to your wardrobe, then look no further than the monthly subscription service I've been using for the past year: sock of the month. It's an affordable monthly investment that helps me stay on top of my sock game.

To make sure they don't get lost in all my other mail, I save each month's package until I have time to really enjoy it. If you subscribe through Amazon (which is what I do), they'll send you notifications when a new shipment is waiting for you on their site.

My favorite thing about them is how durable they are.