Sock of the Month Club - Review: The Best Way to Get New Socks


We all know that it’s important to switch up our wardrobe every once in a while. It’s also important to have an attractive pair of socks on our feet at all times, and if you are anything like me, that means having multiple pairs of socks on hand at any given time! I am always looking to buy new socks, and thankfully there are great ways to do this. One of the best ways I have found to purchase socks is by joining a sock of the month club.


What is a sock of the month club?

The best way to get new socks is with a sock of the month club. These socks are generally made by small-batch manufacturers in America, and they usually have some good colors and patterns. You can find mens ankle socks that make you feel like you're wearing flip-flops or crew socks that will keep your feet warm all winter long. sock subscription clubs make for a great gift for any guy who likes colorful clothes and fun things. And if his office dress code is strict, he'll appreciate how subtle these cool socks are!


My subscription experience

I was thrilled when I received my first shipment of socks. I had chosen a sock-of-the-month subscription, so I got two pairs! When I opened the package, it was like Christmas morning because they were in such bright colors and patterns. And they were on thick, soft cotton. These are cool socks for men!


Return on investment

The first month is $12, which includes shipping and handling, but after that it's just $6 a month. That's only $72 a year for 12 pairs of socks!
The best part about this sock subscription is that they send you both ankle and crew socks. They have all sorts of crazy color dress socks as well as fun men's ankle socks so there is something for everyone.
While I do think this sock subscription was an awesome idea, there are some drawbacks. For one thing, these are mens socks and not women's so if you're looking for something more gender neutral then this isn't the right sock service for you.