Sock Of The Month Club Review

How would you like to receive several pairs of socks every month without breaking the bank? This sock of the month club review will tell you everything you need to know about the Philosockphy sock of the month Club to help you decide if it’s right for you. Some members actually order more than one club, receiving one for him and one for her! Read on to find out more about this great subscription service and decide if it’s right for you! Review

About our Socks
Philosocphy Socks offers customers 3 different membership options based on how frequently they want to receive socks. When you join, choose from a monthly, 3-monthly or 6-monthly subscription. Once you’ve selected your subscription type, decide on how many pairs of socks you want in each box. If you select 2 pairs, for example, then two pairs of unique and colorful socks will be delivered to your door every month! And don’t worry, if you fall behind on your payments we won’t send any reminders – that would just be annoying! We know that if you enjoy our socks as much as we do, you won’t miss a single payment. Our mission is to create custom socks that make our subscribers smile with joy at their surprise package every month. That’s why all of our socks are printed by hand using only high quality dye sublimation printing which allows us to achieve an exceptionally vibrant print while still keeping a soft and comfortable feel. Speaking of comfort, all of our socks are made using 80% Nylon (the good stuff) and 20% Spandex (the stretchy stuff). This blend allows us to keep a super soft exterior while creating reinforced construction throughout; these are some durable socks! In fact, we go through rigorous testing before adding a new design so you can be confident that when it comes to durability and care instructions it doesn’t get better than Philosophy Socks. While durability is important to us, no one wants smelly socks. At Philosophy Socks we use anti-microbial treatments on all of our socks so there’s no need to worry about odor causing bacteria breeding inside your socks after each wear.

What are my sock choices?
How many cool socks should I get? We have three options to choose from: Socks of the Month: 3 pairs of cool socks. Socks and More: 5 pairs of cool socks and 1 pair(s) of unique, one-of-kind unique socks. Super Socks: 10 pairs of cool socks and 2 pair(s) of unique, one-of-kind unique socks. Each option comes with a box delivered every month that contains 5 new pairs or sox that are guaranteed to be awesome! Cancel at any time for FREE. No questions asked – don’t like your selection that month? Simply return it to us within 30 days of receiving your shipment for a full refund. Your choice of socks will arrive each month in a custom PhilosophiA branded box. It’s fun getting a package in your mailbox each month and even more fun when you open it up knowing you’re going to find awesome socks inside! What about gifting?: Don’t know what size socks someone wears? Not sure if they would want their own monthly sock subscription? Purchase a gift card instead! You can add an eGift certificate to your order anytime during checkout. We also offer standard eGift certificates in amounts ranging from $10-$100 USD.

When does the club ship?
Philosocks sends out a new pair of cool socks every month, starting from your sign-up date. So if you sign up on May 15th, you’ll get your first sock in June and each month after that, until you cancel or renew your membership. You can also send it as a gift (or re-gift) if you want to! There are no commitments, so you can cancel at any time by emailing our Customer Happiness Team here. We ship worldwide for free via USPS First Class Mail in padded envelopes inside biodegradable plastic bags. If shipping is delayed due to weather or other reasons, we will always do our best to accommodate! How much does it cost?: For $19.99 USD per month plus $5 S&H fee (within the US), you’ll receive one super awesome socks subscription package containing two pairs of luxurious handmade socks made with love and attention to detail! A small price to pay for some really great socks! Canceling: To cancel your monthly sock subscription, please email us here. We hope you enjoy receiving Philosocks as much as we enjoy sending them to you! Please note that since these are custom made just for you, we cannot offer refunds once items have been shipped unless there is an error on our part. Thank you very much for understanding and being a part of what makes Philosocks possible! Do I need to order multiple months?

How do I subscribe?
If you’re interested in subscribing to Philosocks, head over to their site. You can pick between a monthly, three-month, or six-month subscription (the longer, the better in terms of price per pair) and once you sign up you get access to all of their current and upcoming monthly offerings. There’s no obligation; you don’t have to make any decisions until your first shipment arrives! Think of it as an exclusive members-only club for folks who love cool socks. Why do I want a subscription?: Philosocks curates socks that fit a certain theme each month—past themes have included Life Is Better With Bacon, Keep Calm and Make Your Own Luck, and Shake Your Money Maker: 20 Years of Music on Socks—and they arrive at your door with free shipping. They also offer flexible subscriptions so you can cancel at any time if life gets busy or if you don’t like what comes next. Best part? You always get awesome socks, curated by experts who know about such things. What are my options?: From five pairs for $25/month to twelve pairs for $55/month, you have plenty of flexibility when it comes to how many pairs of socks you receive each month. Shipping prices vary depending on which plan you choose and whether or not your order includes one (or more!) bonus gift, but are typically around $4-5. Do I save money?

How much does it cost, shipping included?
For all three plans, shipping is included and there are no hidden fees. There is no auto-renewal of your subscription, but if you ever want to stop receiving socks, it’s easy to cancel at any time. If you happen to choose to cancel your sock of the month club membership, you can get a refund for all remaining months that you have already paid for (minus shipping charges). As I stated before, we offer our first plan with 6 pairs of socks, second plan with 12 pairs of socks and third plan with 24 pairs of socks. As always, you will receive our best selling products as long as your sock of the month club membership lasts! You may also choose to add an additional pair or two during any given month which will be shipped out to you instantly! Free exchanges!: If for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with your socks from Philosocksophy sock of the month Club, feel free to ship them back to us without having to pay extra money just so they can be exchanged by something else in our store. Our customer service team will gladly help you in figuring everything out once they receive your return package and create a new one right away! Don’t forget: It has never been easier than now to start receiving trendy socks every single month! That’s what makes Philosocksophy sock of the month Club stand out among other similar types of clubs and companies out there on internet. One last thing: Don’t hesitate anymore, join Philosocksophy sock of the month Club today and get your first shipment tomorrow!! What are you waiting for?

Is there a discount for multiple subscriptions, or if I prepay for several months in advance?
This is a question you must ask before you sign up. Some sock of the month clubs have special discounts for multiple subscriptions or if you prepay for several months in advance. You’ll need to do your homework and find out what benefits each sock of month club offers, so that you can maximize your savings. For example, some sock of month clubs offer free shipping when you sign up for more than one subscription at a time. If you’re planning on buying two 12-month subs (to save money), it might be worth it to pay just a little bit extra per month to get free shipping on both packages at once. Again, make sure you do your research! Make sure there aren’t any hidden fees involved with these special deals. Free Shipping Socks Of The Month Clubs With Free Shipping And No Hidden Fees Some socks of month clubs offer free shipping and handling with every package. In fact, many even have flat rate shipping which means you don’t have to pay for additional fees based on where you live or how much weight your package weighs. In addition, most of these companies also allow you to change your mailing address as often as you like without penalty!

Can I order past boxes from past clubs as well?
Yes, you can order any or all of our past boxes, but keep in mind that they will not be current with our current club. But don’t worry! You’ll still get a great pair of socks every month. Each box comes with 3 pairs of socks that are chosen by our sock experts just for you, based on what we think will look and feel awesome on your feet. So even if you miss one monthly delivery (up to four months total), there is no need to worry about which club to sign up for. When you decide to join again, simply choose from whichever selection of previous boxes have been featured here on our website and then select your new delivery date moving forward. It’s easy as 1-2-3... maybe 4! To answer your question though, yes, you can use past boxes to top off missing months when you start shipping again. If it helps give an example: someone joins PhilosoPhy sock of the month Club starting August 1st 2018 at $24 per month and would like to receive their first two shipments on time, but will miss February’s shipment due to travel plans. They could either choose a box from Jan/Feb 2018 for $12 or chose March/April 2018 for $18. That way they would still get 3 pairs of awesome socks delivered each month while only being charged once during those two skipped months. Oh yeah, another option is to skip right over Feb & Mar altogether, receive April’s full box and then make sure you place an order before May 15th so you don’t miss another box! I hope that helps clarify things for you! Please send us a message if you want more information or clarification.

How can I find out more about the company behind Philosockphy (Philosophy Industries LLC)?
If you want to learn more about Philosophy Industries LLC, it’s a good idea to check out their about page. Their about page will tell you all about the people who run their business and how they started Philosophy Industries LLC. If you find that you like what you see, start following them on social media (or even sign up for their email list!) so that if they ever need any extra help from an intern or even a full-time employee, they’ll know where to look! When are Philosockphy Socks available?: Philosockphy Socks go through three separate production processes in order to be made: Pattern Designing, Color Combining & Screen Printing, Packaging & Delivery. With each process taking anywhere between 5-8 weeks, it can take 1 month minimum for new customers who join as part of their first shipment cycle. For example, someone who joins Philosockphy during April would not receive their first package until June—which means that sometimes deliveries are delivered well into July. What is Skip-A-Month? How do I skip a month?: It’s free to skip once a month with no hassle at all; simply click Skip This Month on your account homepage anytime before your billing date arrives. There’s never an additional charge for skipping, but there might be bonus items associated with some months. Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions about what might come along with one of our packages! What happens when my subscription expires?: Our memberships automatically renew every 30 days unless we hear otherwise.

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