Sock of the Month Club Review">sock of the month Club Review

You want your socks to be the coolest socks that you can find, right? But how do you make sure you are buying the best socks out there? You start by looking into sock subscriptions like Philosockphy’s">sock of the month Club and reviewing them yourself! Today we’re going to review Philosockphy’s">sock of the month Club so that you know what to expect when you sign up and whether or not it’s right for you. So let’s get started with our">sock of the month Club Review!

What is">sock of the month club?">sock of the month club is a mail-order sock subscription service. They send you a pair of great socks in different styles every month. When my boyfriend started complaining about his old socks, I knew he was due for a new sock subscription. The only question that remained was which sock club to choose. After doing some research, we decided on Sock Fancy because it was well-reviewed and had an extensive selection at reasonable prices. We also loved how personalized their socks were - every pair is name after one of their fans! Now that's something we can get behind!

My first impression on Philsockphy

I came to Philsockphy after hearing about their sock subscription service on a podcast. While I've never been a fan of subscription services and usually prefer to buy things in my own time, I decided to give Philsockphy a try since they seemed like an interesting company. My first impression was actually quite favorable - Philsockphy offers 3 different sock subscriptions (1 for men, 1 for women, and 1 for kids) which provides you with socks every month in different styles. As someone who doesn't really wear socks often but knows that I need to get more socks in my life, I appreciated how easy it was to pick out something without having any idea what you want.

How does it compare to other sock subscriptions?

Despite being sock enthusiasts, we were slightly hesitant to try Philosophie's">sock of the month club - after all, do we really need 12 pairs of socks in a year? Turns out our hesitance was unfounded - as anyone who has joined a subscription service will tell you, it's not about getting items that you necessarily want. It's about getting things that you didn't know you wanted. In that regard, Philosophie is no different from any other sock subscription service. What sets it apart is its Philosockphy - a trademarked philosophy that they teach customers while they're waiting for their first shipment. We'd love to discuss it here but then everyone would know what kind of socks we wear on any given day.

Final thoughts

This club may be worth it to sock lovers, but not at a price tag of $30-60. The socks are really cute, but they don’t feel like they’re worth that much money. If you really love high quality socks and want something different each month then you should definitely check out Philosofy Socks. However, if you’re looking for something unique without spending a lot of money then I would go with another company such as Bombas or even Stance. Although Stance doesn’t have an official sock subscription club there are plenty others just like it. Which sock subscriptions do you prefer? Comment below! I always love hearing from my readers and seeing your thoughts on these types of products!