Sock of the Month Club Review

sock of the month Club Review

How would you like to get one new pair of socks every month delivered to your door, or even every other month? Now that’s a treat! And it’s something that sock of the month Club can provide for you and your feet. Check out our sock of the month Club review to learn more about this company and find out if it could be a good fit for you and your feet. Plus, don’t forget to read our coupon code so you can save money on your first order!


This is a great product to order as a gift because it comes in simple packaging. The socks arrive with a cardboard sleeve and sealed in plastic to protect them from damage during shipping. Each pair is labelled with numbers so you know which month it’s from and there’s no frills about any of it. It’s cute without being too cluttered or obnoxious. I really like that philosophy kept it classy yet fun, making it easy to give as a gift! You could easily slip into any package and still arrive at your destination looking good!


For a sock of the month club to succeed, there are a few things it needs to do well. Most importantly, its socks need to be fantastic. I mean, they're selling them by subscription. If they aren't great, what's keeping you from going out and buying your own? In fact, if you ever feel like paying for a month's worth of socks isn't worth it at all or that you'll just fall into an endless cycle of buying them individually...they're probably not doing enough for you with their quality. Philoso's socks are incredibly soft on both sides and have built-in arch support for added comfort.


sock of the month Clubs are a great way to make sure you always have fun, bright socks to wear and they can be a great gift for someone else too. I decided to sign up for Philosocphy’s sock of the month club. There were two options; either three pairs of different coloured socks every month, or two pairs and one dress sock each month. At $14 per pair, it’s a bit more expensive than some other sock clubs on offer but I decided to go with it because it allows you to personalize your subscription. All deliveries come beautifully packaged in a box that has been custom designed by each company and I think these unique touches make buying sock clubs so much more appealing.


What are you getting for your money? When someone asks us about Philosocks, we always answer with: value. What makes our socks unique is that they’re so high-quality that people never want to take them off, but if they do have to be worn outside, they don’t draw too much attention because they’re so colourful and fun (and who doesn’t like fun?). We have everything from basic solid colours to crazy patterns and designs. There really is something for everyone. The quality is something we strive to maintain at a low price point – all our socks start at $10.

Pricing & Discounts

Most sock-of-the-month clubs offer a recurring monthly membership fee, with discounts for longer signup periods. For example, a club may charge $25 per month, but if you sign up for 6 months at once it may drop down to $20 per month. A common practice is to include shipping and handling costs in your monthly or annual membership fee, meaning that you don’t have to pay anything extra on top of that each time your subscription renews. Shipping costs may vary depending on location and where you buy them; some companies offer free shipping while others charge extra based on package weight or volume.