Sock of the Month Club: How to Match Your Socks With a Tie


As men, we all have our own styles and preferences when it comes to the clothes we wear, how we put them together, and even how we care for them. Socks are no exception to this, and many of us have found that some basic guidelines need to be followed in order to get the right style and make sure your socks will last longer as well as match what you’re wearing that day. It’s all about the little details, after all! This month we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about matching your socks with your tie without ruining either one of them!


Step 1 - Pick out some ties you like

If you are dressing up, it is important to pick out a tie that goes with your outfit. You don't have to go crazy and match every detail, but you want some colors from your socks and shirt to show up in your tie. In general, keep these colors in mind when picking out your tie (or suits for more formal wear): blue, red, green, black. If you can't find anything that matches perfectly, there are so many ties that come close!


Step 2 - Define Your Style

If you want to pick out a sock that will match what you're wearing, it's important to first think about your style. It's best if you have some guidelines in place before buying socks. If not, then you might end up with an assortment of mismatched socks. Here are some common sock styles and how they work with certain outfits:
1) Crew Socks 2) Dress Socks 3) crazy color dress socks 4) Cool Men's ankle socks 5) Colorful ankle socks 6) Crew Dressy Ankle 7) Crazy Color Crew


Step 3 - Go Crazy!

Mens colorful socks are perfect for any occasion. If you're not sure what color socks to wear with your suit, follow these simple guidelines: if you have a light colored suit, wear dark colored socks; if you have a dark colored suit, wear light colored socks.
The sock-of-the-month club is designed with men in mind and is the ultimate gift for men who love fun and cool socks. What makes this club so great is that it's so easy to make someone happy because they can't wait to see what new pairs of socks are coming their way every month! The best part about this club is that it's affordable and there's no commitment at all - just cancel when you want!


Step 4 - Take A Breather And Be Honest About Yourself

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Step 5 – Start Adding Some Great Patterns To Your Wardrobe

Men's socks have come a long way from plain, boring, and uninteresting. Nowadays you can find socks that are bright and fun or on the other hand there are sleek patterns for more formal attire. The best sock subscription services are ones that offer a variety for different occasions. You can get socks with patterns for sporty days, crazy patterned socks to wear with your favorite suit, or socks in just about any color imaginable. If you want your sock drawer to be one of your favorite things in the world then it's time to start adding some great patterns!