Sock of the Month Club: Five Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks


If you’re like most people, then you find the prospect of folding your socks every time you wash them incredibly boring. The good news is that there are plenty of creative ways to fold your socks in order to make it as painless as possible. sock of the month Club has compiled five great tips that anyone can use in their sock folding regimen to get both the perfect sock-folding experience and a pile of perfectly folded socks at the end of each washing cycle!


The Overlapping Method

One way to fold socks is by overlapping them and then folding them in half. This method can work for any type of sock, but it's not a great option for socks with colorful patterns on them because it will hide their design. Instead, try folding your socks as follows: take two socks and place one on top of the other. Fold over one sock so that it reaches the other sock's heel. Then, fold under the second sock so that it reaches its toe. Repeat this process until you have folded all your socks, making sure they are all facing in the same direction (so that they create a neat pile).


The Bullseye Method

1. You will need a clean and unfolded sock and a clean towel, pillowcase or folded blanket. 2. Take your clean sock and fold it into thirds lengthwise, from toe to heel. 3. Lay the folded sock on top of your towel, pillowcase or folded blanket so that it is lying lengthwise in the center. 4. Fold one end over, then tuck one side under the other end so that they meet in a straight line at the heel and look like two wings of a butterfly with a T-shaped body in between them (or just imagine folding over an old-fashioned letter). 5. Now fold over one wing again until it meets up with its mate on the other side 6.


The KonMari Method

First and foremost, you must collect all items in your house that do not bring joy into your life. This includes clothes, books and other knick-knacks. Next, place these items together in an area that you designate as a tidy zone. Once everything is collected, take every single item one by one and ask yourself whether or not each piece brings joy into your life.


Half Circle

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Triangle Method

This is a great way to fold your socks when they are not in use, but you don't want them taking up too much space. The triangle method only takes up half as much space as sock balls, and it can be done with any type of socks - from dress socks to athletic socks.
Start by folding the sock in half so that the toe is touching the heel, then fold one side over another so that it resembles a triangle.
Next, roll up your sock so that all three sides meet in a point and place it on its side into an empty drawer or container. Keep doing this until all your socks are folded, and you will have a neat stack ready for storage!