Sock of the Month Club

sock of the month Club

How many times have you given or received gift subscriptions for Christmas, birthdays, and the like? If you’re anything like me, it’s probably been way too many times. This year, I got fed up with the amount of mail that gets sent my way every holiday season (don’t even get me started on birthday month). That’s why I’m going to sign up for the sock of the month Club. By signing up, you can become an official Sock Master in no time at all! But what exactly does it mean to be a Sock Master?

The Importance of Being Colourful

Socks are a great way to update your look without committing to new clothes. They're also just fun and colourful, which means they can easily liven up even a casual outfit. In fact, with so many sock options out there, why not make a statement with your feet? The sock of the month Club provides members with four different socks each month. There's no commitment or contracts—just an easy-to-use online platform that is sure to brighten up your life! Check it out today!

Black Shoes and Ties Can Match Anything

You can wear black shoes and a tie with just about anything. Not only that, but black is a powerful and sophisticated color choice for a business ensemble. People who like to project strength tend to favor black in their professional wear; it gives them an air of authority as well as sense of confidence. If you’re interested in dressing for success, but aren’t sure where to start, opt for something simple like a pair of black shoes and a solid-colored tie. It’s safe territory that won’t cause any trouble—but will still have you looking and feeling authoritative.

Patterns Are The New Solid Ties

One solution to help business men stay on top of their fashion game is The sock of the month Club. Now you can look sharp in whatever patterns your heart desires. They’re guaranteed to match with any suit and will add a unique touch that keeps you one step ahead of everyone else at work. It’s easy too, just sign up and they’ll ship out a new pair of fun, colorful socks each month. There are plenty to choose from; crew socks, no-show socks, dress socks, athletic socks...You name it!

Stripes Are Trendy But Useful

Stripes are a cool, trendy design that can be used to your advantage. Since they cover such a wide area on your body, they help regulate temperature by reflecting sunlight. When you feel warm, simply unbutton your dress shirt or suit jacket and expose more skin to increase your overall cooling. (Just don’t forget sunscreen—you want to prevent burns just as much as you do sun damage.) If it’s cold outside, button up and retain some heat—this style is also useful in snowstorms for keeping warm if you're stuck outdoors for long periods of time. This is also a stylish way to wear scarves without wearing them around your neck.

Get Creative With Style

When it comes to what they wear, men can be pretty predictable. It's hard to imagine a man picking out his clothes without consulting a style magazine first, or maybe going by what's on trend at work. But when it comes to fashion accessories like ties and pocket squares and cufflinks—well, that's when men get creative. And with ties taking up space in your closet, why not do something different? Instead of collecting every tie in every color you find appealing, sign up for a sock of the month club (or tie, if you prefer). You'll keep getting pairs at regular intervals—that way you don't have to commit all at once—and soon enough your current supply will start looking old and worn out.

Cheat Sheet – Five Ways To Wear a Bow Tie

Let’s face it: There is a lot to learn when it comes to wearing a bow tie. But it’s not that complicated once you get started and there are actually ways to wear a bow tie without looking like someone fished it out of their grandfather’s attic. To learn how, check out our cheat sheet below.

How to Dress For Any Occasion In One Outfit

You’re preparing for a night out with your friends, but you don’t want to wear what you wore last time. Fortunately, there are some clever ways to mix-and-match and give your outfit multiple personalities. If you have more than one pair of colorful socks (I recommend at least three pairs), use them as accessories to spruce up any outfit and make it look different. To start, choose one main color from your shirt or pants (it can be one that’s found in both), then choose another color from either. Put on one sock in each color, creating a V-pattern down each leg—if it doesn’t work well with your outfits, switch up where you place each color.