Sock of the Month: 5 Unique Ways to Fold Your Socks


Forget everything you know about folding socks; there’s an easier way! We created this guide on how to fold your socks using some new, unique ways that will make you wonder why you never thought of doing it this way before. These are the five most effective ways we’ve found to fold socks and each has their own benefits and uses. With this guide on how to fold your socks, you’ll never have to worry about struggling with them again!


1) The Square

The Square is a sock subscription company that provides you with some of the coolest socks on the market. It's an awesome way for men to get creative in what they wear and have a little fun with their feet. Plus, it's a great gift idea for those guys who are hard to shop for. It's a monthly sock club that delivers fun and colorful socks right to your doorstep. It has all sorts of fun themes like crazy color socks, cool socks, and funky dress socks so you'll never be bored!


2) The Turkey Leg

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was an old farmer named Jed. Jed spent his days working hard and raising chickens. Every day Jed would get up at dawn and feed his chickens until he had enough eggs for the day's market. When he got home from work, he would always go into his kitchen and make himself a turkey leg for dinner. One day as he was walking out of the chicken coop with a bucket full of eggs in one hand and holding a turkey leg in the other, he suddenly tripped over something on the ground. It turned out that it was an old boot! He looked around all around him but couldn't see anyone or anything nearby except for this old boot.


3) The Ear

The Ear is a monthly sock subscription service that delivers you a curated box of unique socks every month. For only $19, you get five pairs of socks from a variety of brands and styles. The Ear has been delivering quality socks for over two years and have amassed a loyal following on social media with over 100,000 followers. They offer many plans for different budgets and sizes so there is something for everyone. They have fun themes like fun socks for men or crazy color dress socks that are perfect as gifts too!


4) The Coffee Cup

The Coffee Cup is a monthly sock subscription service that sends you two pairs of ankle length socks each month. You can choose from the following themes: coffee, wine, tea, and beer. The coffee theme includes a fun pair of coffee themed socks and a pair that are perfect for sitting at your desk in an office all day. The wine theme includes two pairs of wine themed socks and one pair that goes with any outfit! The tea theme includes two pairs of tea-themed socks and one pair that's perfect for lounging around on the couch or watching TV. And finally, the beer theme includes two pairs of beer-themed socks (one pink and one blue) as well as one other pair that's perfect for just about anything!


5) The Corn Cob

The Corn Cob is the best sock subscription for anyone looking for some cool socks for men. They have fun dress socks, fun ankle socks, and cool mens socks that are perfect for anyone looking to add some variety into their sock drawer.
The Corn Cob wants you to have a unique experience every month with their sock of the month club. You'll get a package in your mailbox filled with an awesome pair of funky or bright socks that can't be found anywhere else. You'll never see two pairs alike! Whether it's a carefree summer day spent playing in your backyard or having drinks with friends, The Corn Cob has got your covered! To join click HERE!