Sock of the Month - 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Socks

sock of the month - 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Socks

How do you wear your socks? This may sound like an odd question to ask, but it's actually an important one, because not all socks are created equal. In fact, your choice of sock style can impact your life in some surprising ways - from the overall quality of your wardrobe to how often you need to buy new shoes and more! To help you make smart choices about what socks to wear and how to care for them, we've put together this helpful guide on the philosophy of sockology and how the right pair of socks can change your life. So let's jump right into it, shall we?


1) Know how often you’ll be wearing them

Different socks have different purposes. If you're looking for a good pair of everyday socks, you might want to consider men's ankle socks. Mens ankle socks are a great choice because they keep your feet warm and can be worn with most outfits. They can also be layered with other mens socks like crew or dress socks.
If you want a fun and different sock that will make you stand out, then we recommend choosing funky dress sock style or crazy color dress sock style. You'll find an assortment of styles like stripes, dots, and polka dots to choose from. These types of socks are perfect if you're looking to add some flair to your outfit on days where your work attire is more formal than casual like at work or a meeting.


2) Match your socks with your shoes

1) Choose socks to match your shoes. Once you've chosen a pair of dress shoes, it's important to find socks that will match them. If your dress shoes are black or brown, then you can wear any color sock. If your dress shoes are white or another light color, then it's best to stick with dark-colored socks so they won't detract from your footwear. 2) Consider if you're wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt or pants and a long sleeve shirt/sweater. 3) Choose ankle length socks for shorter pants/shorts and crew length socks for longer pants/shorts. 4) Find something fun!


3) Think about climate control

The best socks to wear depend on your climate. Most people agree that an ankle sock is best for warmer climates, and a crew sock is best for cooler climates. If you're not sure, try wearing both at the same time. You'll soon figure out which works better.
If you live in a warm climate and need some help staying cool, we recommend a fun dress sock or colorful ankle sock to go with your shorts or khakis. For winter, our favorite socks are crew socks because they provide insulation from cold floors while being breathable and warm. Plus, they have grips on the bottoms so that you can walk around without sliding all over the place!


4) Consider color coordination and patterns

The color coordination, as well as patterns and material, are all important factors to consider when choosing socks. Matching your socks to your shoes is one way to maintain a professional appearance. If you're trying to find a fun pair, try a colorful or patterned sock with a striped shoe. For more formal occasions, go with solid colors and neutrals (tan, black). The men's purple ankle socks are perfect for this type of occasion because they match with just about any color shoe and can be worn casually or formally.
If you're looking to make an impression at your next event or meeting, wear bright-colored socks in an unusual pattern. We have some cool mens socks that would be perfect!


5) Size is important too!

One thing that many people forget when purchasing socks is to consider size. It sounds obvious, but it's easy to overlook. Whether you're buying socks for yourself or a loved one, it's important to know which size they are, as well as their shoe size. You should also be mindful of any allergies your recipient may have if you're shopping for gift socks.
If you purchase socks without considering these things, you may end up giving someone a pair that doesn't fit them properly or with an offensive pattern on them that they don't enjoy! This would not only be disappointing but could ruin what was supposed to be a fun gift-giving experience.