Sharpest philosophy socks yet from our socks club

Sharpest philosophy socks yet from our socks club

The people at Philosockphy Club have once again outdone themselves with these sharp philosophy socks! These aren’t your average run-of-the-mill philosophy socks. These are the sharpest of philosophy socks yet, and you don’t want to miss out on them if you’re in the market for some really cool socks! Here’s what makes these ones so cool...

History Of The Brand

Philosockphy was founded with a desire to create high quality, soft and colorful fabrics while incorporating a simple and bright design. With their appreciation for art, both founders were inspired by brilliant colors and unique characters in culture, such as comic books and cartoon illustrations. The idea for starting Philosockphy began as an interest in creating vibrant sock designs. Determined to carry out their vision of colorful, fun socks, they started experimenting with different materials until they found what felt like an ideal sock fabric: one that was soft enough to feel great against your skin but tough enough to last through everyday wear and tear. After producing several styles on their own with money from their personal savings, they decided it was time to turn their passion into a business; thus Philosockphy was born!

New Philosophy Socks

The Philosophers behind greats such as Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, and Plato are some of history’s greatest thinkers. In fact, they may have even been smarter than us – but only because they had these Philosophers Socks to keep their feet warm while they were contemplating life’s big questions. Designed in Switzerland using incredibly soft fabric designed to be comfortable and warm all day long, these special thinking-cap style Philosophy Socks also come with a design on each sock - one pointing right and one pointing left so you can stay inspired both ways. These are one of our newest additions to our growing collection of philosophy themed fashion accessories at ThinkGeek.

Why We Love Them

Philosophy isn’t just an idea that someone had once; it’s alive and evolving, and it has real-world consequences. It shapes how we interact with one another, how we react to crises, and how we frame problems—not to mention a variety of other philosophical questions that people have wrestled with since man first started thinking. If you’re looking for a quick way to learn more about philosophy, look no further than these sharp new Philosophy is Dead Sexy socks! Be sure to check out our Limited Edition Existentialism Socks as well! They’re great for anyone who wants their feet to keep up with their fast-paced life. Call or visit today and find out more about Philosophy Socks!

Philosophy Stance #1

(who) Are you saying NO to? Have you ever asked yourself, who would I say no to if I knew that saying yes would do more harm than good. In his new course titled NO, Robert Greene shares with us various famous people who have said no when their peers and even mentors around them were pressuring them to say yes. This episode of philosophies stance shows us why it is important to know that courage of your convictions may mean saying NO over and over again. Each time meaning No in different ways with different people, but not only just meaning no, also defending your values or convictions so you can live with yourself in every situation.