Sharpest Philosockphy Socks Yet from our socks club

Sharpest Philosockphy Socks Yet from our socks club

Your sock drawer’s about to get a lot more interesting. Here’s why these socks are the coolest we’ve ever seen in our sock of the month Club.

There’s no such thing as a boring gift

No matter what you think about gift giving, there’s no such thing as a boring gift. I know some people—myself included—are perfectly happy to get socks for Christmas or their birthday, and that’s okay. A new pair of hand-knitted wool socks is always going to be a welcome present! That said, it’s always nice to find a gift that you can use. We all love gifts we can actually use (or maybe not... sometimes people like extravagant presents). So for those non-sock lovers in your life, look for cool socks on subscription services like TheSockOfTheMonthClub, who sent me these beauties. Looking at them now, they might just be my favorite so far.

We deliver the coolest socks in the world

Our socks of the month club lets you keep your socks game sharp with fun, funny, and flirty designs delivered to your door every month. Be cool and different with these awesome socks. Each pair of sock subscription is about $14 shipped for 1 pair each month. Every package comes with a free gift as well! Get started now! Join our site today. Our subsciption price is going up soon so get in quick before we change that!

Give them the gift they will look forward to all year long

A sock subscription will give them something to look forward to every month without fail. It's a fun, affordable gift that’s bound to make your best friend smile every time they wear it (and if you’re anything like us, you know how hard it is to resist those smiles). Say goodbye to boring socks. It's time for cool socks! This is why we believe in sock subscriptions

That feeling when you get a package in the mail

I’m sure you know what it feels like to get socks in your sock of the month subscription. It’s a feeling of pure joy, right? Or maybe that’s just me. (I don’t know if that’s just me.) But I know for sure what it feels like to open up a package and see socks inside—an uncommon but awesome surprise. I love pulling new socks out of packages because it's so much fun to mix things up and have some variety in my sock drawer.

Every month it gets more exciting (pun intended)

You see your package on your doorstep and tear it open to reveal another pair of Sharp socks, stuffed with fantastic new features. This month’s socks are exactly what we envisioned for our subscription service: Four pairs in total, one for each season. They’re handmade, stretchy, and oh-so soft—not to mention, cool as heck. They even sport hidden philosophical messages underfoot that read Eat Sleep Rinse Repeat!, just like a real philosophical sock should. This year is shaping up to be even better than last with these cool socks subscriptions that keep on giving.

People love receiving gifts

it’s why there are so many different subscription boxes and clubs. However, socks might be one of most exciting! You see, socks can tell a lot about a person: their gender, their size and their style. Our Sharpest Philosockphy socks are cool socks that come in three sizes—small (7-9), medium (8-11) and large (10-13)—and two styles: white with black writing or blue with red writing. Being aware of who is going to be receiving your gift is an essential part of giving someone a gift that they’ll love! At just $12 a month for three pairs of socks, it’s no wonder that our sock club has become so popular.

They love being surprised

One of my favorite aspects of running a socks subscription is getting to see how surprised people are when they receive their first shipment. One guy told me he wore his first socks so much that they fell apart. Another told me she mailed them to her dad with a note that said, I can't believe I just paid $12 for four pair of socks. I thought it was so cool that something as simple as sending someone a box of designer socks could turn into such an impactful experience. Needless to say, I'm excited about what we have planned for 2017 and beyond. Our sock-of-the-month program will continue to be powered by Sharpie—but now we'll also send subscribers cards signed by Sharpie's Creative Ambassadors.

They love knowing someone is thinking about them every month

Gift-giving is more than giving someone a present—it’s about recognizing them, paying attention to them, and letting them know that they matter. And who doesn’t love socks? They’re inexpensive (especially when you sign up for our sock of the month club), easy to buy and ship in bulk, customizable...and they show that you remember your loved ones. I would much rather receive a box of socks with an interesting design on it than something generic, boring or downright ugly! Our philosophy is simple: we want to be a part of their lives. This can be one way we do it.

...and what better way than with something they really want!

You can take advantage of people’s tendency to trade up, too. This may seem a little manipulative, but you know what? It works. People love free things, especially when they get something they want and don’t need to spend their own money. We mentioned before that it’s smart to offer free trials of paid services or products in order to acquire more customers; that’s a type of trading up. But what if you offer a free premium service while making it clear that paying members get even better perks? This works especially well if you feel confident enough in your own product or service (and your marketing skills) that you think people will jump at being able to say they have it as part of their membership.

...but even more so... because it isn’t only about their feet. It makes them smile. They are grateful. And excited. And there's really nothing like that feeling.

We asked Sophie, a thirty-one year old project manager from Denmark, what she thought of her new Philosophy Socks. She says: They are fantastic!... But even more so... because it isn’t only about their feet. It makes them smile. They are grateful. And excited.