Seven Reasons You Should Give a Sock of the Month Subscription

Seven Reasons You Should Give a">sock of the month Subscription

A">sock of the month subscription, also known as a sock subscription, or">sock of the month club subscription, or sock subscription club, provides fun and interesting socks to its subscribers on a monthly basis. Signing up to receive one pair of super fun socks every month is an excellent way to add some extra happiness into your life, and can make the perfect gift too! Here are 7 reasons why you should consider giving this unique gift idea this holiday season!

A Surprise Every Month

If you’re someone who enjoys giving gifts, or if you’re looking for fun and unique gift ideas, you should definitely consider signing up for">sock of the month. Not only are these socks great for everyday wear but they are also really cool and make a fantastic gift! Plus with so many sock subscription options available there is sure to be one that meets your needs!

Wear Something New, Every Day

Whether you’re getting ready for work or heading out to meet friends, having new socks to match your outfit is something that can really make your day—and if you do it regularly, it will make every day. A sock subscription makes it easy: every month they’ll send you three pairs of socks in colors and styles you select; meaning you always have something new to wear. Make sure that everything matches with our unique Philosockphy feature, which not only guarantees that your socks go together but also makes sure they don’t come apart until you want them to! With all these benefits in mind, there’s no reason not to give a sock subscription as a gift.

Awesome Quality Socks

One reason">socks subscriptions are great gifts is that they feature awesome quality socks. The gift recipient can be sure to get high-quality socks every month without fail. They'll love knowing they'll never run out of socks, and they'll love that those socks were thoughtfully picked out for them and are really good quality. Those qualities make these gifts perfect for any man or woman on your list who appreciates high-quality accessories. They're especially great for men because not all men have easy access to shops where they can buy new pairs of good-quality socks. When you're buying a gift, what could be better than giving something men need but wouldn't necessarily splurge on for themselves?

Gifts For Everyone

If you’re looking for gift ideas that anyone would be thrilled to receive, then a">sock of the month subscription is perfect. It’s so much more than just another socks-and-underwear subscription box. It’s great for men and women. All you have to do is find out your size and they will send you quality socks each month based on your preferences; pattern, brand, color and texture are all custom made! As if that wasn’t enough reason to give it as a gift, here are some more reasons why sock subscriptions make such good gifts

Unisex Gifts

When you first think about a subscription gift, you might jump to stereotypical ideas. But sock subscriptions are one of those gifts that both men and women can enjoy! They don’t have to be just for guys, or just for girls. Many sock-of-the-month subscriptions include gender neutral themes, or even themed socks that would appeal to everyone. For example, who doesn’t love tasty treats? Even if they don’t like wearing socks, they’ll love getting these fun boxes delivered each month! (Not interested in socks?

Free Shipping

One reason to give">sock of the month club subscription is that it comes with free shipping. The easiest way to save money when ordering online, especially if you’re gifting socks, is to avoid paying for shipping fees. A gift as thoughtful as">sock of the month club subscription would be extra special if it came with zero-cost delivery. That means your loved one gets seven pairs of socks for just about $7 per pair—without having to do any legwork. If you don’t have time for proper shopping and wrapping, or simply want to keep things simple and make sure your recipient opens something nice—subscribe them!

Fantastic Customer Service

One of my favorite things about Philosocks is that they really try to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. They do something special every month, like gift all their subscribers with free underwear or an amazing t-shirt. I never have to worry about missing a package since they email me beforehand to let me know it's on its way. And as far as shipping goes, it only takes 2 days to get my socks in my mailbox! As someone who receives multiple gifts throughout each year, it’s important for there to be lots of communication between buyer and seller so that I know what’s going on and when I can expect my package.