Seven Reasons You Should Give a Sock of the Month Subscription

Seven Reasons You Should Give a">sock of the month Subscription

A">sock of the month subscription, also known as a sock subscription, or">sock of the month club subscription, or sock subscription club, provides fun and interesting socks to its subscribers on a monthly basis. Signing up to receive one pair of super fun socks every month is an excellent way to add some extra happiness into your life, and can make the perfect gift too! Here are 7 reasons why you should consider giving this unique gift idea this holiday season!

Fits Any Shoe

If you’re like most people, you don’t have all your socks organized by color and style. By getting sock-of-the-month, you can make sure that every sock goes with every pair of shoes in your closet. We don’t care if it sounds lame—having matching socks makes us feel accomplished. And who doesn’t want to feel accomplished?

Stays on even when wet

The Philosophie Anti-Slip Socks are made with 70% merino wool, which is naturally anti-bacterial and moisture wicking. Not only will they keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter, but they'll also stay on when you walk around in wet sneakers. These socks aren't just for women either - men will love them too! If you're looking for sock subscriptions for men or women, look no further than Philosophie's eco-friendly range of colourful and comfortable socks.

Covers smelly feet

If you give someone a sock subscription, they won’t have to worry about their feet smelling weird. They’ll have new socks waiting for them every month. That way, you don’t need to worry about them forgetting to buy new socks when it matters most and walking around with stinky feet. And if that person does forget to buy new socks and doesn’t have time, then they can just keep using last month’s pair of socks because they always look sharp in all their pairs!

Keeps Toes Warm

A new trend for 2017 is all about unique socks. The perfect gift for someone who’s hard to shop for, or even yourself! Have you been looking for fashionable, comfortable, and durable socks? Try one month now with only $9.99 per month after that! Our sock subscription club offers fashion forward socks from our famous manufacturers like Happy Socks and Richer Poorer to name a few! Our sock subscriptions include over 10 different sock styles each month to ensure you are receiving fresh socks every time at your doorstep! With convenient shipping straight to your door, our">sock of the month club is sure to put smile on everyone’s face!

Fashionable, Comfortable, And Durable

The perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive. For some, being practical is more important than looking stylish. Others would prefer a gift that looks good and offers durability. A">sock of the month subscription does all these things: each month, you’ll receive fun, fashionable socks that are durable enough to last for years. With socks on subscription, you can choose between different designs and styles each month. The price is just right too—instead of paying $10 or more per pair at retail stores, you pay less than $10 per pair with subscriptions. If you want to give someone an affordable and practical gift idea they will use regularly—subscribe them to a sock club today!

Spins Into A Beanie

The best thing about these socks is that they can easily become beanies. When you’re not wearing them, you can roll them up and store them in their little pouch. When it starts to get chilly out, simply unroll your sock and put it on like a beanie hat! These are also great to pull over your ears when you’re cold for an added layer. A">sock of the month subscription is truly an amazing gift for anyone. The best part is you don’t have to go looking for new socks all year long; instead, just one pair shows up right at your door every month!

Great Gift Idea

Gifting is always hard. Nothing is worse than being stuck with someone who has everything and you’re stuck trying to find them something they don’t already have. The best way to go about gifting someone is to consider their taste, not just their need or request. Are they practical? Spontaneous? Adventurous? Thorough? Another gift that falls under that category is our Philosockphy sock subscription club! Our new monthly sock club will allow your loved one to receive a unique pair of socks in mail every month for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months straight. They can be used as an ice breaker for new friendships or relationships and we would love for them to keep our first pair as well!