Searching for a Sock of the Month Club

Searching for a sock of the month Club

What’s the best sock of the month club? That’s the question I was facing when I first looked into getting one. But I didn’t know where to find good reviews about them, so I ended up wasting way too much time trying to choose between three different sock clubs that all looked like good options at first glance. Then I discovered Philosockphy, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed! In this review, I’ll show you why it’s my favorite sock of the month club around and why you should get one of your own today!

What You Should Look For In A Great Monthly Subscription Box

For many people, it seems that every month comes with its own holiday. While receiving gifts is fun and exciting, sometimes presents can get repetitive or leave you scratching your head thinking: This was on my wish list? One solution to prevent gift-giving frustration is to start a sock subscription box! A monthly sock subscription could be just what you need to keep gift giving fresh and make sure you don’t repeat yourself every month. It's also a good way to discover some great socks. But when it comes time to decide which sock subscription box service is right for you, there are lots of options out there (pun intended). So let's look at some questions you should ask when looking at sock subscriptions services.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Subscription Box

So what are some things to consider when searching for a subscription box? When looking at subscription boxes, always check out reviews. If people are consistently saying that it’s more of a hassle than they expected, then that might be something you want to avoid. If there aren’t any negative reviews and users have had good experiences with their boxes, then that’s a sign you’re probably going to like it as well.

Finding The Right Fit For You – What Kind Of Subscription Box is Best?

A sock subscription box like sock of the month or Philosocks will be your best bet if you’re looking to receive monthly socks. It’s important that you select a company that offers an appropriate fit for your foot. Subscription boxes typically have sizes that range from small to extra large, which is good because it allows customers to select what fits them best. After all, what good is a pair of socks if they don’t comfortably fit? Also, while some may be tempted to buy multiple subscriptions at once in order to save money, we recommend you do so only after making sure they are high-quality companies.

$25 and Under Per Month sock of the month Clubs

From dress socks to casual sneakers, to patterned pique and argyle socks, there’s an outfit made just for you. No matter your style, there’s a sock out there for you! Go bold with bright colors or stick with neutral hues. Either way, make sure to keep your feet comfortable no matter where you go! With sock subscriptions from $25 per month and under, you can look your best without breaking the bank. Looking good doesn’t have to cost so much; check out our affordable sock club options that range from around $25 per month to $5 per month. We won’t tell if you wear them more than once – just be sure not to forget about laundry day!

$26-$50 Per Month sock of the month Clubs

I’m sure you’ve all been to that place, or seen an advertisement for one on television, where they sell socks. I am talking about those stores with amazing socks. Ones that come in different colors and patterns. Some with lots of color at one end and some with it at both ends, but never all over in your basic white sock. Those are nice enough and look good when they are new and matching your outfit, but I want more than just one pair of them! Now I have heard you can find these kinds of socks on subscription websites like Stitch Fix or Trunk Club, which is great if you live near a city like Los Angeles or New York City, but what if you don’t?

Over $50 Per Month sock of the month Clubs

It’s difficult to find one sock subscription that fits all your needs. Want to support local businesses? Check out Philosockphy. Founded by two women in Wisconsin, their goal is to promote and foster family-run business growth. While they currently focus on working with companies in Wisconsin, they do ship internationally and have plans to offer up more products. Want to support small business but have no interest in colorful socks? Try snagging a few from Happy Socks, or subscribe to Birchbox Man instead—both are monthly subscriptions that allow you purchase top-of-the-line men’s socks directly from them at their wholesale cost.