Philosockphy's sock subscription club is the perfect way to stay stylish and comfortable all year round!


A sock subscription club? What makes Philosockphy’s sock subscription service different from the others? Other companies may simply hand you an uninspired, plain black or white pair of socks at the beginning of each month and then call it good. Philosockphy doesn’t think that’s good enough! We source all of our socks directly from partners in Milan, Italy, and we make sure that every pair we send out to you is designed with functionality and fashion in mind. We also make sure that each sock comes in multiple sizes so you get the perfect fit every time!


3 Reasons why you should try Philosockphy

1) The socks are always high quality, durable, and comfy.
2) There are a variety of styles - from crazy color dress socks to fun mens ankle socks.
3) A Philosockphy subscription makes a great gift for any occasion.


5 Things that make our socks so great

1) We offer a wide range of colors in our socks - from vibrant to classic, from mens dress socks to fun men's ankle socks. 2) All of our socks are made with high quality materials 3) We have a variety of styles - flat top, crew cut, or no show 4) Our sock of the month Club comes with an awesome gift for you each month 5) All orders over $30 ship free within the continental United States


5 Reasons why socks make the best gifts

Socks make for a great gift in any season. They're a practical gift that anyone can use, but also one with a bit of personality. Here are 5 reasons why socks make the best gifts:
1) Socks are versatile and can be worn with anything- they're always appropriate. 2) Socks are relatively inexpensive- they're easy on your wallet while still showing you care. 3) There are so many designs and styles available that there's something for everyone, no matter their style preference or taste. 4) When someone gets socks as a gift, it gives them a reason to get out of their house or office and buy themselves something nice to wear with them- like new shoes or jeans.