Philosockphy's Sock of the Month for May: 10 Tips for Wearing No Show Socks


No show socks are the hottest new trend in men’s fashion, and why shouldn’t they be? They are extremely fashionable, and their ability to create an outfit can make or break your entire look. But like every trend, wearing no shows socks can be tricky at first if you don’t know what to do with them. Here at Philosockphy we wear no shows all the time, so we put together this list of 10 tips for wearing no show socks just for you!

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1) How Do I Wear No Show Socks?

A lot of people don't know how to wear no show socks or have worn them in a way that they aren't meant to be worn. This is mainly because they're not used to wearing dress socks, or because they don't know what the proper etiquette is when it comes to ankle socks. The first thing you want to do is get a good pair of no show socks that are long enough and will stay up on your legs. They should go at least two inches above your shoe line and won't show when you're wearing pants with a cuff. The second thing is if you want some more support, get yourself a pair of crew socks.

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2) What Are Some Benefits of Wearing No Show Socks?

No show socks are great because they protect your feet from friction, which can lead to blisters and chaffing. They also keep you cool and dry during the summer months. For those who work in an environment that requires a lot of standing or walking, no show socks can help prevent painful shin splints. Plus, they're comfortable! Unlike other socks, they don't have any heel or toe seams, so you won't feel them against your skin. This means no bunching up around your toes with every step you take. You can order sock subscriptions on monthly or quarterly cycles through Philosockphy - our sock of the month club will send one pair per month (or every three months) to your doorsteps!

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3) Will I Get Blisters?

I've had a lot of conversations lately about how wearing socks can lead to blisters. Do you get blisters from no show socks? The answer is, it depends! I found that there are two main factors that determine whether or not you'll get blisters when wearing no show socks.
1) How tight your shoes are on your feet. Your shoes need to be snug enough so that they don't slide around on your feet, but not too tight where it cuts off circulation and causes discomfort.

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4) Are Any Kinds of Shoes Good to Wear With No Shows?

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5) Are There Benefits Beyond Style?

There are many benefits to wearing no show socks. The first is that they keep your feet dry by preventing sweat and moisture from getting into your shoes. They also reduce odor and help prevent blisters, making them perfect for long days on your feet. Plus, you can wear them with any type of shoe.


6) Do the Newer Brands have Extra Support in Them, Too?

Socks are a great way to add colour and fun to your wardrobe. But not all socks are created equal. The newer brands offer extra support in them, too! Make sure you read the reviews before purchasing a sock subscription though, because some people did find that they were disappointed with their purchase.


7) Will My Toes Hurt at First?

Wearing no show socks is a personal preference, but many people find that they need to break their toes in before they feel comfortable. My toes hurt at first, but after some time they eventually got used to it. It took me about five minutes to get used to them and then I was fine. Keep trying different pairs until you find one that works with your feet!


8) Should I Use an Anti-Blister Stick or Liquid Bandage on My Toes Before Putting on My Shoes if I Have Blisters from Pushing too Hard with my Feet While Shoe Shopping?

Most people know that you should use an anti-blister stick or liquid bandage on your toes before putting on your shoes if you have blisters from pushing too hard with your feet while shoe shopping. But, should you choose one over the other? It really depends on how comfortable and accessible each option is to you. If you don't want to carry around a special kit with liquid bandages in it, then it might be more convenient for you to use an anti-blister stick and then cover your blister with a bandaid. Likewise, if you don't want to carry around an anti-blister stick in your pocket, it might be easier to apply a liquid bandage on your toes and then put on socks that go over top of them.


9) Where Can I Buy Different Types of No Show Socks?

If you're looking to buy different types of no show socks, you can find some right here at Philosockphy. Our sock subscriptions are perfect if you want to get a different style delivered every month or just need to stock up on basic colors. In addition, all our socks are made with high quality materials and offer excellent breathability, so you can wear them all day without overheating. We have a wide selection of fun dress socks (great for any occasion!), crazy color dress sock designs, crew socks in a variety of colors that come in both no show and low cut styles, and best of all - our prices include shipping!


10) How Long Will a Pair Last Me Usually, if Kept Clean/Dry and Properly Cared For/Worn Properly/Used as Intended (not any kind of abuse)?

The durability of a pair of socks will depend on how well they are cared for. If properly taken care of, a sock can last from six months to a year depending on its use and wear. For example, if you're using your no show socks as intended, you may get six months out of them before they wear out. On the other hand, if you're wearing them as crew socks or simply treating them poorly, that time frame could be reduced to about three months.