Philosockphy's Sock of the Month for January: 5 Fun Ways to Style Socks with Any Outfit

Philosockphy's sock of the month for January: 5 Fun Ways to Style Socks with Any Outfit

Socks are often an overlooked fashion accessory that can really make or break an outfit. But if you have the perfect pair to match your style, you can be as bold or as subtle as you like without sacrificing comfort or professionalism. To help you get started, Philosockphy’s sock of the month Club will be sending you 5 unique pairs of socks every month, so that each day of the week has its own unique style. Here are five fun ways to style them with any outfit!


1) With Jeans

Put your ankles on display by wearing colorful socks with jeans. One of our favorite socks this month is Philosockphy's crazy color dress socks in blue, green and purple! In addition to the awesome color choices, they are also super soft and comfortable. These fun crew socks will dress up any outfit while providing a little extra warmth in those chilly winter months. To make these ankle socks even more perfect for this look, try them with a cool pair of sneakers like these black Nike Cortez Nylon Woven Sneakers! Add some height and personality by adding a pop color or patterned scarf or watch strap (we love our Fossil Jagger Chrono Watch) and you'll be set!


2) With a Skirt

1. As long as your socks are shorter, you can keep it casual and wear a pair of colorful ankle socks with your skirt. 2. Pair ankle socks with a cute skirt for an easy weekend look. 3. Keep it simple but chic by pairing some fun dress socks or funky men's ankle socks from our sock club with your favorite skirt. 4. Try out a trendy style like wearing printed crew length socks under a short skirt or flowy maxi dress in warmer months - and even cooler in winter! 5. If you're dressing up, try teaming some cool mens' colored socks (or even crazy color dress socks!) underneath your heels, booties or pumps! 6.


3) With Shorts

1. Pair a colorful pair of ankle socks with shorts and sneakers - like these crazy color dress socks
2. For a chic look, wear colorful crew socks underneath a dress or skirt
3. Put on some funky men's ankle socks and an awesome A-line dress for an instant pop of color
4. Compliment your favorite outfit by adding fun purple ankle socks
5. Sport matching pairs of mens ankle socks for a sporty look that you can wear all day long - these cool mens socks are so soft! 6. Keep your feet warm in winter by wearing thick woolen leg warmers over your ankles - I love this fashion trend! 7. Bring out the child in you by combining any sock with your favorite playtime outfit


4) With a Dress

If you're looking for a great new way to style your outfit, try pairing socks with your dress. It doesn't matter if you're wearing a skirt or a pair of pants - there are so many fun and stylish ways to wear socks. For example, if you've got some colorful dress socks, pair them with an all-black ensemble (we love these purple ankle socks). This is also a great option if you want something more interesting than black tights (which can sometimes be too hot). If you want some help picking out the perfect sock subscription, Philosockphy has got your back! We have cool mens socks and awesome socks club that will give you access to over 40 different styles of crew socks every month.


5) With Overalls

If you're feeling a little lazy and want something easy, don't forget about your socks! Throw on some ankle socks and pair them with our best crew socks. With these comfy styles, you'll be ready for any errand running. If you're in need of something a little more formal, wear dressy dress socks or colorful dress socks. These fun styles will make sure your feet stay warm while you're out on the town. Whether it's a sock subscription or ankle socks that you're looking for, Philosockphy has got you covered!