Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club: The 4 Best Sock Subscription Boxes


I love socks. They’re the best wardrobe accessory for keeping your feet warm and cozy, and you can never have too many! That’s why I was so happy when I came across Philosockphy, a monthly sock subscription box that sends two pairs of super soft (and stylish!) socks straight to your door every month. Since getting my first Philosockphy box, I haven’t stopped thinking about how cute my new socks are or how they really complete my outfits. If you love socks as much as I do, you’ll love this month’s subscriber favorite – the Classics Club!

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1) Stance Socks

Stance is an awesome sock subscription club. They have socks for every man and their preferences, from mens ankle socks to cool mens socks to fun men's ankle socks. Plus, they have great funky dress socks, crazy color dress socks and fun dress socks for men. I love that the Stance club includes a range of different styles and colors in their monthly box - it really does cater to everyone.

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2) Smartwool

Smartwool is a company that produces high quality socks that are durable and have features to keep feet dry. They offer year-round styles for men, women and kids. They also produce wool clothing for both men and women. Smartwool has been around since 1994 when they started with a family-owned sheep farm in Vermont. They now have over 200 employees and are based in Denver, Colorado.

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3) This is Ground

I once got a pair of fuzzy socks for Christmas. It was not my favorite gift, but it did make me realize that there are some cool socks out there. When I saw Philosocks, I knew that this was going to be one awesome sock subscription box! These colorful socks look so comfy and fun. Plus they come with free shipping. The best part is that you can gift these socks to someone else or keep them all for yourself!
The next day I got an email from Philosocks asking me to review their company. At first I was a little confused because they had already sent me a pair of socks, but then I realized what their email meant. They wanted me to tell people about how great their monthly sock subscription is!

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4) Bombas

Bombas is a company that has a subscription box for socks. You can get either classic, colorful or fun socks delivered to your doorstep every month. Along with their monthly socks you also receive a note from one of the employees and access to their social media pages where they are always posting amazing content.
If you're looking for an awesome sock club that helps your feet feel good and looks great, I recommend Bombas!