Philosockphy's Sock of the Month club features our sharpest socks yet!

Philosockphy's sock of the month club features our sharpest socks yet!

So here's the deal, back in the spring of 2017, I started working on some really sharp socks to sell under the brand Philosockphy. I've been pretty busy with other stuff, but last week I was finally able to finish up my best ever sock design yet (I know right?). So I got this wicked idea that I would start up a sock of the month club where I'd send out one new pair of socks every month for only $20! How cool would that be? Plus when you sign up you get free shipping on your first order so it's like getting 3 pairs of socks for just $20!

What is a sock of the month Club?

We've developed a sock of the month club with a variety of socks to choose from. We have mens ankle socks, colorful socks, and fun men's socks. Each month we will have one new design and color, so you'll always have something fresh in your drawer. The best part is that it doesn't matter if you're a guy or gal - we've got something for everyone!

Get great designer socks, at an affordable price

Do you know someone who needs to get socks? Or maybe you just need to get some socks. If either is true, then your search has ended. Philosockphy offers the best sock subscription and sock of the month club around. With a monthly cost less than $5, they offer cool mens socks, crazy color dress socks and more at an affordable price with free shipping on orders over $20. Treat yourself or someone else today by signing up for a monthly sock subscription from Philosockphy.

Better than your average subscription box

There are a lot of sock clubs out there, but what sets Philosockphy apart is that we offer socks for men, women and kids. Plus, we have a super fun sock of the month club that includes not just cool socks for men, but also fun dress socks and funky ankle socks for women. Our best sock of the month club is perfect for gift-giving or as a treat for yourself (or both). A subscription to Philosockphy will always include awesome crew socks in an assortment of colors. What more could you ask for?

Great gift idea for men, women and kids

Need a great gift idea for men, women and kids? Take a look at Philosockphy's monthly sock club. For just $10/month, you will receive two pairs of unique, fun and colorful socks delivered to your door each month. Our sock of the month club is an awesome way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or any occasion that deserves something special. Choose from hundreds of designs in men's ankle socks and crew socks with patterns ranging from bright colors to classy stripes and argyle prints. Gift memberships are always available too so get one for mom or dad today!

What makes Philosockphy so special?

How we choose which designs to produce each month

Philosophy of the sock design