Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club: A New Way to Start Your Year Off Right


As the months start to get colder and winter weather sets in, many of us begin to focus on staying warm and cozy. While socks are an important part of keeping your feet warm, it’s not always easy to find ones that you love and want to wear every day. That’s where Philosockphy’s sock of the month club comes in handy. Every month, you’ll receive three new pairs of premium, comfortable socks that are guaranteed to keep your feet warm, dry, and free of odor—no matter what the weather outside brings!


Our goal - your happiness

We're Philosockphy, and our goal is your happiness. This year, we're introducing our first sock of the month Club. We know that being a guy can be tough sometimes - you want socks that are colorful, comfortable and make you smile. That's why each month we'll send you a new pair of socks, with designs ranging from crazy color dress socks to fun mens ankle socks. You'll get socks for every mood or occasion!


Our socks

A sock subscription is a great gift for any man who is hard to shop for. It'll keep him stocked with fresh socks all year long. He'll have fun new socks waiting for him every month, no need to go shopping. Plus, a sock subscription will save him money since he won't be buying expensive name brand socks anymore. Mens colorful ankle socks are the perfect gift for any guy in your life. They're so much better than boring dress socks or plain crew socks, and they're guaranteed not to run out of style like many other types of men's clothing do! If you're looking for something different that will bring you happiness every month then consider signing up for Philosockphy's sock of the month club today.


How does it work?

The Philosockphy sock of the month club is a monthly subscription service that delivers socks directly to your door. You can choose from a variety of options for both men and women and even get started with a three-month gift subscription. With each new sock, you'll get an email notification telling you which pair has been shipped out, when it will arrive, and what your next shipment date will be. There are no commitments or long-term contracts--you decide how long you want your membership to last! And in case you change your mind, there's no cancellation fee!


Why do we need your support?

Mens Socks are all about that support. From dress socks, to colorful socks and even crew socks, we have a variety of colors and styles for you. We also offer fun men's ankle socks as well as some awesome sock subscription options. Plus, when you join our club, you'll get free shipping on your first month!
You may want to go with a different color or pattern than what we offer - which is totally cool! You can customize your own sock needs in the form of our custom subscriptions. Plus, if you're not sure where to start, we've got some great gift ideas for both men and women for birthdays and holidays too.


Thank you

Socks are a pretty simple thing. You buy them, wear them, and when they get dirty, you wash them. But what if you could have more than just one pair? What if you could have 12 pairs in a year? That's where Philosocksy comes in! We're a new sock of the month club that sends out different colors and patterns monthly. It's awesome because not only will you be getting new socks every month - but it'll also be like Christmas every single time your mail arrives!