Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club: 8 Random, Fun, and Useless Facts About Socks

Philosockphy's sock of the month Club: 8 Random, Fun, and Useless Facts About Socks

Four fun, random, and useless facts about socks. Each month you’ll get a new fun fact to expand your knowledge of the world and keep you entertained while you’re on the go! In fact, one of these facts will actually help you in your day-to-day life! Here’s what you get in our sock of the month Club

1. There are more than 40 different kinds of socks

Everybody has a favorite kind of sock (or two or three). It doesn't matter if you're a guy or girl, what age you are, or what your taste in clothes is. Everybody needs socks to keep their feet warm in winter and cool in summer. This is why there are more than 40 different kinds of socks to choose from.

If you're looking for crazy color dress socks that will turn heads when you walk into a room, then check out Philosockphy's sock of the month club.

2. The first sock designer was born in 1589

The first sock designer was born in 1589, when Queen Elizabeth I commissioned a pair to protect her feet from chilblains. Queen Elizabeth I was considered a trendsetter in many ways with her love for fashion and new inventions. Today socks are worn by everyone - not just royalty. The best part about socks is that you can find them anywhere! You can find socks at your local grocery store or drugstore or you can get a subscription to receive fun socks delivered straight to your door. The Philosockphy sock of the month Club offers one month of fun men's ankle socks that come in different colors every month! What color will we get next?

3. Putting on a pair of your favorite socks boosts self-esteem

It turns out wearing socks can provide a lot more than just warmth. A study from 2010 showed that putting on your favorite pair of socks before you leave for work can provide a boost in self-esteem and decrease anxiety. In fact, people who put on their favorite socks were even less likely to feel pain in their feet! It doesn't matter if you're wearing dress or casual socks - it's all about feeling comfortable with what you're wearing. This is something we've known for years at Philosockphy--a sock subscription service that provides our customers with 8 pairs of new mens colorful socks every month!

4. There are now socks specifically designed for men who want to increase their sexual attractiveness

We're not sure what it is about socks, but for some reason they make everything just a little bit better. They seem to add that extra touch to an outfit and make you feel that much more put together. At Philosockphy, we believe that no one should ever have to settle when it comes to their socks. That's why we have created a sock club just for men! Our monthly subscription box is filled with awesome dress socks made specifically with style in mind-not just practicality like our female counterparts. Men can finally find fun socks for men in fun colors that are cool as well as colorful ankle socks in great patterns like argyle or stripes. There are also funky crew socks which are perfect for wearing under your favorite jeans.

5. Can you remember where you were when you wore your very first pair of socks?

I can't remember where I was when I wore my very first pair of socks. I can tell you that they were probably ankle socks because those were all that was available when I was young. The only thing I can say about that moment is that my feet felt warm for the first time in what must have been months. And then one day it happened again, but this time it wasn't from a pair of mens purple ankle socks but instead it came from a pack of new crew socks.

6. If there is anything that shows how much we care about each other, it’s our socks

Wearing socks together is a sign that we care about each other. It’s a sign that we know what people need to feel comfortable in their own skin. And it’s a sign that we want to make sure that everyone is able to be themselves at all times. That’s why there are so many awesome sock subscription clubs out there for you to choose from. Whether you love colorful socks or just want something more classic like dress socks, there’s a subscription club for your unique tastes!

7. There was once an all pink sock - everything from the toes to the heel was pink!

Socks are truly a fashion statement. However, they are also a form of protection for our feet. In this post we'll explore some fun facts about socks! Here are some cool facts to help you get your head around why people love socks so much...

1) There was once an all pink sock - everything from the toes to the heel was pink!

2) Women have been wearing hosiery since ancient Rome with Emperors being noted for their fondness for coloured stockings.

3) The word sock is derived from Middle Dutch socke meaning a woolen outer garment. This refers to a long woolen cloth originally worn under regular shoes to keep them warm.

8. Socks are connected to superstitions

Socks are a relatively inexpensive item that can still make a great gift. They're also connected to superstitions! Here are some fun facts about socks that you might not know.

1) There is a superstition where if you put on mismatched socks in the morning, it means your partner is cheating on you. 2) If someone gives you a pair of socks as a gift, it means they want to have sex with you! 3) Believe it or not, there is an actual term for wearing mismatched socks - dashing! 4) Wearing two different colored socks in one day will bring bad luck.