Philosockphy's sock of the month: 5 tips for choosing the right ones


I am delighted to present our sock of the month, and I can tell you it's no small feat! We've traveled all over the world to find this sock, and we're sure you'll love it as much as we do. But first, how did we choose our socks? Here's a few tips that might help you choose yours!


1) Material

The best socks are colorful, fun, and comfortable. But there are a lot out there to choose from, so how do you know which is the best? Well, we're here to help. Philosockphy has curated some amazing sock subscription boxes that will be sure to please any recipient. This way you can take the guesswork out of getting your guy a gift and he'll be sure to get something he loves every month! Plus, it makes great stocking stuffers too!
#1 - Mens Purple ankle socks (A)
ankle socks are perfect for when you want a little bit more coverage than what our other categories offer but not too much - they're great as dress or work socks.


2) Features

- Mens ankle socks are a great option if you're looking for something dressier. You can wear them with a suit or even just a shirt and tie.
- If you're looking to stand out, it's worth considering fun socks or crazy color socks. They're perfect when paired with an all black outfit and they come in so many colors that there is bound to be one that suits your style.
- Crew socks are thicker than regular socks and offer more protection from the cold weather. They also come in lots of different colors and styles such as stripes, polka dots, argyle prints, etc. - The best sock subscription clubs will provide you with quality pairs each month without having to go shopping at all!


3) Quality

1. When it comes to socks, it is a good idea to invest in quality. The material will last longer and the socks will feel better against your skin. This is because they are made with thicker fibers that allow air to circulate and prevent sweat from building up. 2. When shopping for men's socks, make sure to check out our monthly sock club or our crew socks. 3. You should also take care when purchasing gifts as you want them to be perfect! We have some great gift ideas - like our crazy color dress socks and fun socks for men - that are perfect for any occasion! 4. If you're looking for trendy fun socks, we have a selection of cool mens socks and funky ankle socks that come in a wide range of colours! 5.


4) Fit

Socks are something that most people wear every day and they're worn by both men and women. But, how much do you know about socks? It can be hard to find the perfect pair that fits your needs, but we've got some good advice for you.
We've put together this guide to help you choose new socks and ensure that you always have a great pair with you. Here are five important tips on finding the perfect socks to suit your needs, from men's colorful socks to best sock of the month clubs!


5) Sizing

1. To figure out what size men’s socks you need, measure your calf circumference just below your knee and match it to one of the following measurements.
-S/M = 12 - 14
-M/L = 14 - 16
2. A good rule of thumb is to buy a pair that is at least two sizes larger than your actual size. This will ensure that they are long enough to cover your calves and don't get too tight around them.