Philosockphy: The Sock of the Month Club and What It Says About You

sock of the month clubs have become increasingly popular in recent years, but why? What does the sock of the month club say about you as a person? And what are the right socks to wear on different occasions? Today I’ll help you determine which kind of sock-lover you are, and hopefully give you some ideas on what to purchase in your next sock of the month order so that it doesn’t send the wrong message.

Are you in your 20s

At our age, we're about to graduate from college, start a job in our field, move out on our own for the first time, and become young professionals. A lot can happen between graduating from college to becoming a successful professional with all your goals accomplished. But one thing that stays constant is that we still need socks. We need cool socks for work, colorful socks for weekends, fun dress socks for nights out with friends - you know what I'm talking about!

The best part is that there's a sock subscription service that sends you monthly packages of awesome socks just when you need them most. Just in time to get this month's new pair before starting your new job or moving into your new place!

Are you a dad

A dad is a person who is in charge of their children. I like to wear purple socks with cool patterns to show my kids that wearing crazy socks can be a good thing. I like when they want to wear different socks than me as well, it's fun to see them dress up their ankles a little bit differently. I also think that having fun ankle socks for men encourages my kids to be more creative with how they put together their outfits.

Are you fashion forward, but not too much so

A lot of people might think that these socks are too much, but I'm not going to lie, they're pretty cool. My favorite pair are ones with a blue crew sock on top and a purple one on the bottom. I didn't know how to wear them at first, but now I do! I like wearing them with my jeans or khakis because it's comfortable. Plus, it's fun to change up what you wear every day. Just be careful if you're going for a more professional look-don't wear these socks with dress shoes or skirts! If you're looking for something more serious, check out Philosockphy-they have the best sock subscription service in town!

Are you classic and confident

Do you have a sense of style that's as classic as it is confident? If so, then you should be shopping for some stylish, colorful socks to round out your wardrobe. With socks, there's no such thing as too much color - and colors are always in style. So if you love to express yourself by wearing wild colors and patterns on your feet, then you're going to want some crazy color dress socks from Philosocksmiths. And if you've been looking for a fun gift for that hard-to-shop-for man in your life, then look no further than our monthly sock of the month club!