Philosockphy: The Best Way to Start Your Day With the Sock of the Month Subscription


How do you look at your day? I mean really look at it? Most people don’t take the time to really examine their day, but it’s something that we can all learn from if we take the time to do so. The way that you see your day can affect your entire life, from the way that you feel about your work and yourself to how you treat the people around you and how you interact with them.


Why I like this subscription

The Philosockphy is a sock-of-the-month subscription that sends you a new, fun pair of socks each month. They have a wide range of designs and colors, which is perfect if you're looking for cool socks for men. And they have dress socks, which are perfect for work or when you're dressing up. They also have crazy color dress socks, so if you're feeling like mixing it up then this might be the sock club for you. And if you want to get a gift sock subscription for someone else, then I would recommend them because they have gift socks! These are some pretty cool socks that will keep your feet warm and stylish all year round.

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The Cost

The sock of the month Club is a monthly sock subscription service that provides you with a new pair of socks each month. You can choose between two different sizes, either mens ankle or mens crew, and there are six different colors available. This is one heckuva deal for only $8.99 a month. Plus, they offer free shipping in the U.S., which is definitely something you're going to want if you're ordering socks!
The best thing about this company's services is that they have so many different types and colors of socks for both men and women! If you're looking for some fun dress socks or just some cool mens socks, then this is definitely where you need to be looking!

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How does it work?

The Philosockphy is a monthly subscription service that delivers fun socks to your door every month. There are two subscription options, one for men and one for women. You can enjoy colorful ankle socks, crew-length ankle socks, or funky knee-high socks with patterns. You can opt in for three months, six months, or twelve months at a time so you never have to worry about running out of new styles and designs. Starting your day off with new socks is a great way to keep things exciting!

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Why get socks every month?

Wearing socks that are both comfortable and stylish is a great way to start your day, and with a sock subscription you can do that every month. For just $30 a month you get three different pairs of socks, which is great because they'll last longer than if you buy them on your own. Plus, each pair is chosen specifically for your style preference so you don't have to worry about picking out something that you won't like.
Sure there are other subscriptions out there like clothing or food boxes but those usually include items that can expire or go out of style quickly - not your socks! There's nothing better than receiving something in the mail for no reason at all except for because someone else thought it was important enough for you to have it.

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What are you waiting for? Subscribe Now!

Socks are a necessary evil, but they can also be FUN! Looking for socks that are both fashionable and comfortable? Philosocksophy has got your back! Every month, you'll get the best sock subscription - guaranteed. We've got mens purple ankle socks, colorful socks, and funky men's ankle socks. You'll even find some awesome crew socks in our sock club. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now!