Philosockphy - The Best Mens Sock of the Month Club

You know what the best part of the month is? That’s right! It’s sock time! The Philosockphy Mens Sock of the Month Club brings you fresh, premium men’s socks every month (for only $7). Sign up today and give your feet some love they deserve.

Is there a reason to subscribe?
Absolutely. If you’re tired of wearing boring, old-fashioned socks that stink and have holes after just a few wears, then signing up for Philosockphy will change your life for the better. It’s a men’s sock subscription service that sends out high-quality pairs of socks each month—you can even select your own styles and colors! Each pair is made from top-of-the-line materials and guaranteed to last through multiple wears and washes. What could be better than an exciting new pair of socks in your mailbox every month? Sign up today! You won’t regret it. Why trust them?: While online sock subscriptions are pretty common these days, they haven’t exactly been perfected yet. In fact, there are tons of companies using deceptive tactics like low-quality socks and coupons to lure in people looking for a good deal. This isn’t true with Philosockphy; we promise our socks are great quality and absolutely worth your money each month. In addition to providing only premium pairs of mens socks at affordable prices, we also offer discounts on our products (including shoes!) with coupons as well as free shipping across all orders above $25. Don't believe us? See what our subscribers have to say: I’ve tried other sock subscription services in the past but none of them compare to Philosockphy...ever since I signed up, I've noticed my socks staying fresh longer and always look sharp. – Daniel R. My boyfriend raves about his socks...he never leaves home without one. – Camille P. My wife has been wondering where I keep getting such nice socks...we both love ‘em! – Jordan K. Click here now for special offers related to joining Philosockphy!

We will pick your socks for you
Socks are great. Not only do they keep your feet warm, they come in all kinds of colors and designs. However, finding a good pair can be quite tricky as there is a lot to consider: Are they made with quality materials? Are they comfortable? Will my significant other enjoy them as much as I do? This can be very stressful especially if you’re looking for a nice pair to give your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have time to shop around or deal with returns, we got you covered! We did all the searching and came up with our favorite socks from leading brands like Happy Socks, Stance, Zohara and many more. These are high-quality socks that we believe every man should own. Every month, without fail, we will deliver you 2 brand new pairs of socks tailored to your taste based on any preferences you specified. You might be thinking, where’s the catch? Isn’t it expensive? After all – it must cost a pretty penny to ship me new socks every month right?! But here at Philosockphy, that couldn't be further from the truth! With monthly subscriptions starting at $11/month ($10 + shipping), we're sure that no matter what kind of budget you're working with Philosockphy fits yours nicely. Plus, most importantly – shipping is always free ;) Call us today and start receiving surprises under your tree again! It's time to let loose, choose your first pair and get ready for some socktime fun! ;D ~~~ What's Inside Your Box Each month you'll receive two pairs of socks (4 socks total) designed by different artists from around the world. Some months we make things easier by choosing exactly which styles you'll get so you won't be surprised by anything (but still pleasantly surprised when open your package). Other months, however, we surprise you with something completely random so that each package brings unique personality with it. A whole new sock adventure lies ahead of you and we look forward to taking you on an unexpected ride filled with extraordinary socks along every step of your journey! There's nothing worse than running out of socks halfway through laundry day so why not stock up on extra pairs today?! Whether you want one extra pair or five extra pairs, just click Add To Cart below and then Checkout to purchase additional items while supplies last. In fact, please rest assured knowing that if ever we run out of inventory due to overwhelming demand—we promise never ever to sell socks below wholesale prices. That said, feel free to upgrade anytime within 90 days after purchasing a pack of socks for only 50% off retail value! :) So hurry before it's too late!

What we offer
We handpick three new pairs of designer socks every month, deliver them right to your door and take away any worries you might have about remembering to reorder. Want a gift that's guaranteed to impress? Give the gift of good looks and comfort. Our sock subscription boxes offer a variety of men's and women's socks that are fashionable, comfortable and affordable. Any man or woman will appreciate getting a new pair(s) of socks each month. But if you're worried about sizing, worry no more! We'll send you a quick survey when we process your order so that we can make sure our picks will fit perfectly. Whether you choose one of our six, three or one-pair options, all shipping is included in the price. If you have questions, just call us toll free where a member of our team would be happy to assist you with placing an order for socks for men or women today!
Here is what some previous customers have said: I got these as gifts for my fiancé who works outside during some pretty harsh winters and loves cool socks. He was impressed with how soft they were and loved that he got three pairs rather than just one. His only complaint was that he didn't get a note saying From Philosockphy in his package, but it wasn't really a big deal! He knows where they came from now, so that's all that matters. If you are looking for unique, fun socks at an affordable price then I would highly recommend Philosockphy! These guys know their stuff! They may even turn you into a sock addict like me. ;-) My favorite thing about getting quality socks every month is how easy it makes giving a gift to someone!

How it works
Start your subscription today and we'll begin sending you monthly packages of men's socks. You get to pick which style, color, pattern, or combination each month. There are no obligations or automatic re-orders! If you decide that you don't want another month of Philosockphy after a month has passed, simply send back your current pair(s) using our prepaid shipping label and we'll refund every penny. Sign up today and make some sweet feet happy! When you sign up for a 3-, 6-, or 12-month plan through Philosockphy at $14/month, you can use code STOCKUP for an additional 25% off. With these discounts, here's what your initial investment in Philosockphy looks like: 3 months ($42), 6 months ($70), 12 months ($120). All fees included. Please note that there is a $5 charge for processing orders under $50 (all plans include free return shipping so it doesn't hurt to try!). At checkout be sure to select subscription as your payment method. After placing your order, please follow along with us on social media where we will announce when shipments go out. And if you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out directly:
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Why choose us?
We have taken all of your questions, concerns and feedback about socks to heart. We have created a club that makes sure you have access to quality mens socks every month, not just a few months out of the year. We focus on high-quality materials so that you know your feet will be comfy and dry in our offerings. Our subscription system is simple enough for anyone to pick their own sizes and styles while still being tailored towards those with experience in mens fashion. We believe that you shouldn't settle for less than great! If you are ever unhappy with any product, we'll do everything we can to get it right or refund your money ASAP. Try us out today! You won't regret it... except maybe when you're wishing your next pair were delivered already! -) Some people spend their whole lives looking for Mr. Right, but you need to look no further: Philosockphy men's sock of the month club has him here! Stop waiting around; take control of your foot situation today! Take one last deep breath before diving into your abyss of unwashed socks by joining our club! Your future self (and friends, family, coworkers and significant others) will thank you later. Believe us when we say it's worth it—the only question left is what kind of socks should you try first? It truly doesn't matter because they're all amazing...and they'll keep coming each month until you cancel your membership. So what are you waiting for?

How do I get started?
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