Philosockphy: The Battle of the Dryer vs. The Clothesline


One of the biggest disputes between modern sock wearers and old school sock wearers has to do with how each group treats their socks after use. While old schoolers regularly hang up their socks after each use, modern sock enthusiasts almost never consider drying their socks that way again. So which way is better? The answer may surprise you... or it might not, depending on which side of the fence you fall on in the great dryer vs. clothesline debate!

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Why you should tumble dry your socks

It's a question that has been debated for years, with different people coming to different conclusions. Which is better? Tumbling them in the dryer or drying them on the clothesline? Does it depend on what kind of socks you have or what their intended use is? It turns out, there are some benefits and drawbacks to both methods, so it depends on your sock preference and your particular situation!
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For best results, wash your socks before you wear them for the first time (or when you want to get rid of that funky smell). This will help to remove any lingering chemicals from manufacturing processes or any other additives they've been treated with. Plus, if they're clean they'll last longer!

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Why you shouldn’t tumble dry them

Socks can be a great gift for any occasion, or stocking stuffers at Christmas time, but they can also be a pain when you have to put them in the wash and wait for them to dry. Wouldn't it be nice if there were ways to keep your socks clean, while not having to endure the wait? Well there are! One alternative is drying your socks outside on a clothesline or in a clothes dryer and this will save you time and energy. You'll also save money on your utility bill because tumble dryers use more electricity than clotheslines or clothes dryers do. Another benefit is that drying outside reduces your risk of getting mold and mildew since these are less likely to occur when water evaporates quickly which is what happens with outdoor drying methods.

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Why you should line-dry them

Line-drying socks is a natural, eco-friendly way to get them dry without using electricity or gas. Plus, you can save money on your energy bills and feel better about being green!
Line-drying socks also saves wear and tear on the machine from drying thick, heavy clothes. Using a clothesline also gets you outside for some fresh air and sunshine too! If you live in a warm climate, then this will be an easy choice for you because line-drying is great for hot weather too!