Philosockphy Sock of the Month Club: Keep Calm and Wear Socks


How do you choose which pair of Philosockphy socks to wear? There are so many great designs and color combinations, it can be hard to make up your mind! That’s where the sock of the month club can come in handy! As a member, you’ll receive two pairs of Philosockphy Socks each month — that’s four pairs per quarter, plus all of the fun flair, jokes and discounts along the way. Memberships start at just $15 per month. Join the club today and get 20% off your first month by using coupon code J20 before midnight tonight!


What is the sock club?

A monthly sock subscription service for men. You get a fresh pair of fun socks delivered to your door every month, with no need to go shopping. We have socks for every occasion - from workwear to dress socks, from crazy color dress socks to cool socks for men, from colorful ankle socks to best crew socks. The Philosockphy sock of the month Club is perfect for those who hate shopping or just love getting some new pairs delivered straight to their doorstep each month.


About the first pair of socks

What was your reaction when you opened up that first package with your brand new Philosockphy socks? I bet it was as good as mine, probably even better! From the moment they arrived at my door, I couldn't wait to try them on. They felt like a fun pair of gifts for myself. And that's exactly what they are - gifts. The best gift for yourself is something you enjoy wearing! Whether it's colorful socks or a nice dress shirt, you deserve to feel just as amazing in your clothes as you do in your birthday suit (or thong).
That day has finally come, and now I don't know which ones I want more: these awesome men's ankle socks or next month's pair from Philosockphy.


About 2nd pair of socks

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for life. - Chinese Proverb
This proverb embodies the idea behind Philosockphy's monthly sock subscription service. The socks we send you every month are different from any other pair you'll find in stores! Whether you're looking for funky ankle socks or fun dress socks, Philosockphy has got you covered!