Philosockphy: How to Wear Socks of the Month


What do you wear with your Socks of the Month? The world might not need another opinion on that, but since you asked, here’s mine (and it’s pretty good because I have impeccable taste in socks).


Matching with Pants

Mens Purple ankle socks
-mens ankle socks are a great way to add some flair and fun to your outfit -they come in a wide range of different colors and styles -choose from cool, crazy, or colorful (or all three)
Mens Coloured ankle socks
-coloured men's socks are a great way to spice up your outfit -come in many different colours, but also have funky patterns -can be matched with anything from dress pants to denim jeans
Mens Cool ankle socks
-men's cool ankle socks offer both style and function -they can be worn during any season, weather permitting -the most popular designs are those with stripes or patterns running down the leg


Matching with Shoes

This colorful sock club is a perfect gift for men and one that they will have fun with. With socks from all sorts of colors, patterns, and themes--they will always have a new pair on their feet. The socks are high quality, durable and made for all day comfort. So go ahead and add this fun present under the tree this year!


Matching with Outerwear

Mens colorful socks are great for a fun sock collection, and make for a really fun gift. Plus, they can be matched with any outfit.
It's important to remember that these socks are made out of cotton, so they're not too warm and will work in most seasons. For example, you can wear them in winter by wearing dress shoes or sneakers with your trousers or jeans, or you could also wear them on a warmer day as part of your summer outfit.
Plus, there's always some kind of holiday coming up that would make an excellent opportunity to share these socks!

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Matching with Scarves

I'm a huge fan of scarves, and I like getting socks in a different color each month because it makes me want to wear them. There's nothing wrong with switching up your sock game with every season by adding a few fresh pairs from this sock-of-the-month club. If you're looking for some new socks that can go with your outfits, check out these fun socks for men from Philosockphy.

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Pairing Colors and Patterns

If you're looking for a sock subscription for a certain occasion, here's some guidance. If your life is mostly black and white, try this Hyperspace Dots socks. If you are someone who loves color, these Fun Men's ankle socks will brighten up your day. For those with a funky personality, we recommend these cool men's socks. If you want something that can be worn year round and don't care about colors or patterns, our Classic Crew socks are perfect for you!

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Adding Texture to an Outfit

Wearing socks that match your outfit is a great way to add texture and color. With so many brands and styles, you can be sure you'll find the perfect pair for any occasion. For example, if you're wearing a dress with contrasting colors or textures, try pairing it with basic black ankle socks for a subtle contrast. If you want something more bold, we recommend adding some colorful dress socks or crazy color dress socks. You'll be looking good from top to bottom!