Not Your Grandma's Sock Subscriptions: How to Choose the Best Sock of the Month Club For You

If you love socks and have always dreamed of receiving a brand new pair in the mail every month, you’re in luck! There are now several companies out there offering sock subscriptions, also known as">sock of the month clubs. But with so many choices, how do you know which one to choose? If you’re curious about sock subscriptions, keep reading to learn about some of your options and how to choose the best sock subscription for you.

Different Types of Socks

The Philosockphy Foundation is a non-profit organization that collects socks from around the world and sends them to shelters and other organizations in need. The organization is motivated by their belief that every day, every act, each decision matters.

The Philosockphy philosophy is to save one sock at a time. They work with volunteers around the world who collect donated socks, which are then sent out to people in need.

For those looking for an affordable monthly sock subscription service, this foundation offers a great opportunity for those interested in donating or getting involved. Their goal is To Save One Sock at a Time, and they're off to a good start with 6 million pairs so far.

What to Consider Before Signing Up

Before signing up for a sock subscription, consider these points:

-How much are you willing to spend? -Do you want socks in different styles? -Do you want a variety of colors? -Are you looking for something with a certain thickness or weight? -Are you allergic or sensitive to certain materials like wool or acrylics?

Each one is different and has its own Philosockphy. It's worth it to do some research before signing up so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Sock subscription reviews 2017

1. Bombas. Bombas delivers high quality socks with a commitment to social good by donating a pair of socks for every purchase. They also offer customers an opportunity to earn rewards points for future purchases. What sets them apart is their excellent customer service and their attention to detail in every aspect of their company.

2. Darn Tough Vermont Made. Darn Tough offers high quality socks made in America, as well as many other countries around the world, providing an extensive line-up from fashion styles that can be worn at work or after work out on the trail, or even casual wear during downtime with family and friends.

Reviews of our top 5 picks

1. Stitch Fix

2. Bombas 3. Darn Good Yarn 4. KnitFix 5. Soak Wash and Dry