Keep Calm and Sock It to Me: The Best Sock Subscription for Calm and Collected feet

Keep Calm and Sock It to Me: The Best sock subscription for Calm and Collected feet

How many socks do you go through in a year? Socks can be expensive, and buying them individually can be cumbersome if you have busy feet and are always on the go. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to keep your feet comfortable and stylish! Philosockphy Socks is a subscription sock service that gives you three pairs of fun and funky socks delivered to your doorstep each month. Plus, all Philosockphy Socks are made from soft material so they feel just as good as they look when you wear them to work, school or wherever else your feet take you!


Why we need calm socks

We all need socks, but we also all need a little bit of calm in our lives. That's why we're proud to offer you the best sock subscription service on the planet. With our monthly sock club, we'll send you six pairs of crazy socks each month so that when life gets a little too hectic, you can put your feet up with the help of some awesome crew socks that will remind you not to stress out over it because life is good. You deserve every pair of fun men's ankle socks that we send your way! And if that's not enough, how about some cool mens ankle socks so that your toes can stay warm while they do their job? You're going to love our monthly sock club!


How sock subscriptions can help

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Introducing Philosockphy

What better way is there to end the day than with a good pair of socks? Philosocks has got your back, no matter what you're into! Whether you want the best crew socks in town or need something more colorful for those less-casual moments, we've got an awesome sock subscription just waiting for you. Pick your style, pick your size, pick the frequency (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly), and you're all set!


How to get your own pair of calm socks

Philosophy has introduced a new sock subscription that is here to soothe your feet. Their newly launched socks are the best socks of the month club, or as they call it, the best crew socks. You can expect a pair of awesome socks every month delivered right to your door! You will get fun crew socks like colorful ankle socks, colorful dress socks, cool men's ankle socks or crazy color dress socks. Plus you'll get gift boxes with two pairs of matching crew-cut beauties delivered right at your doorstep!