Introducing Sock of the Month: The Best Way to Tumble Dry Your Socks

How many pairs of socks are in your sock drawer? And how many of those socks do you actually wear? You may be surprised to know that most people only wear around 20% of their sock collection. Thankfully, there’s a better way to sort out your sock drawer and keep the best, most comfortable pairs while getting rid of the rest - and it’s called">sock of the month.

How many times do you tumble dry your socks?

I have always been a devout clothesline dryer. I don't think about what I should do with my laundry, I just throw it all in the dryer and let it do its thing. If you're like me, you might not be aware that there is more than one way to tumble dry your socks. Have you ever considered using your dryer instead? Philosockphy has been around for centuries and is actually a way that people can create their own clothing care philosophy. There are five parts of Philosockphy:

1)The right detergent for the job

2)The right bleach for the color (or fabric) and wash load size

How many years have you been drying your laundry this way?

I'm not sure how long I've been drying my laundry this way, but it's been at least seven years. I don't know what made me think that putting my socks in the dryer was a good idea in the first place. It's not like they're going to dry completely in half an hour and then you can put them on your feet and go about your day. You still have to take them out and lay them around for hours before you can use them again anyway. If anything, using a clothesline just makes more sense.

Why do we tumble dry our socks, anyway?

Philosokey. That is what this question boils down to. Philosockphy, in fact. When you tumble dry your socks, you are using your clothes dryer or a line outside on a nice day to get that last bit of moisture out from inside your socks and clothes. This can be done with or without socks being mixed together with other clothes. In addition, when drying with an electric dryer, it will take less time than if you were drying them by hand on a line outside. The question at hand is whether the effort and energy expended in tumble-drying your clothes outweighs any potential benefits that might come from avoiding it altogether?

Is it time for change?

So you're thinking about switching up your sock rotation? Well, have you considered using a sock service like">sock of the month? They'll send you a new pair every month and make sure they're exactly what you want. Plus, they offer socks for all seasons, so your feet will always be in warm weather no matter what time it is.

Check out their FAQ page for more information on how it works and how much it costs.

Maybe it's time for change!