I'm addicted to the Philosockphy Sock of the Month Club! Here's why...

I'm addicted to the Philosockphy sock of the month Club! Here's why...

To be honest, I don’t really like socks all that much. I just don’t have the patience to match them up and all that stuff, it's so time consuming! But as soon as I was introduced to Philosockphy’s sock of the month club, my whole outlook on socks has changed dramatically...


They have the best designs

There are so many awesome designs that it is difficult to pick just one. There are fun colorful socks, cool color dress socks, crazy color dress socks and best crew socks. Plus they have cool mens ankle socks and mens colorful ankle socks. Plus they make really good gifts - I love getting sock subscriptions as presents for my friends or family!


The quality is amazing

The quality of their socks is amazing. I have bought 3 pairs so far and they are all really comfortable and feel good on my feet, plus the colors are beautiful. This company is a true gem - I recommend it to everyone and especially people who love having fun with their clothes.
The sock subscription comes in a nice package too, which is always a treat to open when it arrives in the mail. The best part about this service is that it's perfect for gifts because you can sign up for as long as you want or just one month at a time. The best thing about this sock club is that not only do you get awesome socks delivered each month but also an extra pair for free!

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They're so affordable

$4.99 a month for an awesome sock club?! Yes please! It doesn't get any better than that. The Philosockphy sock club sends you an adorable pair of socks every month, starting with the best crew socks in July - perfect for summer. They have awesome socks for everyone, from a variety of color dress socks and cool mens ankle socks to crazy color dress socks and fun men's colorful/cool ankle socks. If you're looking for gift ideas, this is it. And if you're just looking for some funny, colorful, or purple ankle socks then they have those too! No matter your need or what kind of person you are there is something on this list that will make your day brighter and put a smile on your face.

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The customer service is outstanding

I love how there is always an email with a welcome message waiting for me when I sign in. It has been so nice knowing that I can contact them if there are any problems with my order. My socks came in just a few days after I made my purchase and they were packaged beautifully and were wrapped up nicely. Plus, each package comes with a card telling you about the socks you got! All in all, it was such a pleasure doing business with this company. They have excellent customer service and it is clear that they take pride in what they do - which is awesome.

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They have a great selection

The Philosophy Society sock of the month Club has an awesome variety of socks and they're always coming out with new designs. I love their ankle socks, which are always so fun and colorful. They also have cool crew socks that are just my style, as well as fun dress socks for more formal occasions. The best part about this sock club is that you can get a one month subscription or a three month subscription and there's never any pressure to buy more if you don't want to. There are lots of other great sock clubs out there too, but I'm hooked on this one for now!