I'm a Sock of the Month Club Addict and Here's Why

I'm a sock of the month Club Addict and Here's Why

What if I told you that I was addicted to the sock of the month club? What if I said it was so bad that I couldn’t wait for my package of new socks every month? That’s right, I said it.


The anticipation is half the fun

It's always such a fun surprise when you sign up for sock of the month club, because you don't know what your first shipment is going to be. I've had socks with crazy patterns, cool striped patterns, fun dress socks, weird novelty socks with faces on them that I never would have picked out on my own. It just keeps me coming back for more- because I know it'll be something new each time. Plus, there are so many different types of shoes to wear these days that it can be hard to find just one pair that will work for all occasions. With this club, I get new pairs every month! And they're all colorful which makes them even better!


It's a fun way to build a sock collection

The best socks subscription I've found is the sock of the month Club. For only $11.99/month, they send you two pairs of unique, crazy socks that you can't find anywhere else. They have all sorts of different styles: ankle socks, crew socks, dressy men's ankle socks...you name it! Plus, they offer free shipping on every order worldwide. It's like an awesome sock box for your feet. You can even gift someone a subscription as a one-time or recurring gift!


I've discovered new brands and styles

I was looking for some new socks, so I started poking around on Amazon. I found this crazy sock club that sends you a new pair of ankle socks every month. The best part is that they have cool mens socks with different colors, patterns and fun designs! It was like Christmas when my first box came in the mail! The company has really cool socks for men that are perfect for work or play. They've also got colorful ankle socks with crazy designs like polka dots or stripes. The coolest part? You can get awesome crew socks that come in all sorts of different colors too! I got purple because it goes with everything...and it's my favorite color to wear on my feet. I've been hooked ever since.


It's a great way to get out of a sock rut

It's no secret that I love socks. If you're reading this, chances are you love socks too. If you're anything like me, your sock drawer is getting out of control with all sorts of crazy socks in it. Whether they're ankle socks, crew socks or dress socks, there are just too many pairs to choose from! Enter The Crazy sock of the month Club! This sock subscription service is awesome because they send you one new pair every month that are always different than your last pair. That way you get to try out new colors and patterns without buying them (plus they provide an awesome gift for any occasion). Seriously, what better way to stay fashionable than with a great selection of colorful socks?


It makes a great gift

The sock of the month Club is awesome for so many reasons. They have gift giving sorted, you can indulge your inner crazy sock aficionado, and there are some pretty cool socks that make this just about the best sock subscription club out there. I've been hooked since my first pair arrived in a big box at my doorstep. The socks were perfect for my winter wardrobe, plus they were fun enough to wear with black dress pants on casual Friday. I can't wait to see what crazy socks are next!