I Was Hooked on the Sock of the Month Club

I Was Hooked on the sock of the month Club

It’s not often that I get excited about a subscription box, but when I heard about the sock of the month Club, I couldn’t wait to sign up. The concept is simple: every month you receive one new pair of custom-made men’s socks in your mailbox, along with some awesome extras like discounts on subscriptions and free socks if you refer other members.

What is a sock of the month club?

A sock of the month club is a service that delivers new socks directly to your door every month. You’re probably thinking: How much can it possibly cost to ship a couple pairs of socks? It’s not like they weigh a lot, are they even worth that much money? Here’s where you might be surprised. A good number of these services charge over $20 per pair and some go as high as $25-30 per pair. That isn’t expensive at all; especially when you consider what it costs to run a business and how expensive your margins have to be in order for there to be any profit from just selling one or two products.

How it started

About ten years ago, I worked at a company that offered a sock of the month club. Every year we would go to our holiday party where they served eggnog and told everyone they loved them. They also gave everyone—including me—black socks with red or green embroidered reindeer on them. This was my first experience with sock-of-the-month clubs and I've been hooked ever since. If you want some new socks every single month, I'd highly recommend signing up for a club today! There are even some great options if you want women's socks or children's socks as well. You won't believe how quickly it can add up!

What are benefits?

The most obvious benefit is convenience. When you sign up for a sock-of-the-month club, all you have to do is relax and enjoy some new socks every month! There’s no need to go shopping or even think about buying socks—you can just sit back and wait for your next pair. Plus, when you sign up for a sock-of-the-month club, all you really have to worry about is remembering to send in a check each month! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

The club itself

I have tried a lot of subscription boxes and I am usually very underwhelmed. When I signed up for Philosocgphy, I thought it was going to be another useless attempt at trying to get me to buy stuff that really didn't appeal to me. I was wrong. The socks are so cute that you actually feel good about wearing them and when you look down at your feet they make you smile, which is not something that happens often.

Future sock of the month clubs

I’m a philosopher at heart, so I’m often intrigued by questions about whether one can change their future. My final question for you: When will you sign up for your next sock of the month club? I think that is actually a great question, because it prompts us to ask ourselves why we are interested in anything at all. And that gets me thinking about what makes life worth living in general. After all, if we don’t know what will make us happy and how to find happiness in our lives now, then how can we hope to move towards it effectively? This is where philosophy comes into play!