I Tried The Sock Of The Month Club And I Didn't Like It

I Tried The sock of the month Club And I Didn't Like It

Before I get into this sock of the month Club Review, let me just say that I love socks. I probably own 50 pairs at the moment and buy more on a regular basis. When I first heard about the sock of the month Club, I was eager to try it out because it seemed like an opportunity to expand my sock collection without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, the experience was not quite what I expected, so read on to find out why...

What's the sock of the month club?

Sock subscriptions are a great way to find socks you love. But is there really any benefit to signing up for sock of the month clubs? Is it worth spending $25, $50, or even more on socks that you may not like? Read my review and find out what I think about these subscription services.

Why do people like socks subscriptions?

Personally, socks subscriptions don’t make a whole lot of sense to me. For starters, it’s usually not a need but more of a want. You don’t really NEED new socks every month, you need something that you NEED – like groceries or utilities. Also, I think most people find their favorite pair and buy them in bulk so they never run out. Finally, socks start to stink after a while and if you have enough pairs that means you have to dispose of several each year – which is both wasteful and expensive. On top of all that, some people are in places with seasonal weather like Florida where they can just wear sandals all year long without regard for proper sock usage.

My Experience With Philosockphy

A Few Months Ago, A Company Called Philosockphy Contacted Me About Their sock of the month Club. They Let Me Know That For $29.99 Per Month (Plus Shipping), They'd Send Me 3 Pairs Of Fun And/Or Cute Socks Each Month. Now, I'm a Big Fan of New, Quality Underwear From Time To Time. But 3-Pairs Per Month? All At Once? What If One Pair Broke? Etc... but after thinking about it for a bit i decided it would be worth $30 to try out and see what they were all about and if i liked their socks.

Conclusion - Are sock of the month clubs worth it?

There are several different brands that offer sock of month clubs. One of which is called Club Socks. They charge $29.99 per month and that includes shipping and handling with every pair of socks they send you. If you sign up for 6 months you will receive free shipping, if you sign up for 12 months then your second shipment will be free as well! If you don’t like it or want to cancel your subscription then all you have to do is email them a letter stating that and they will cancel your membership after that point.

What To Look For In A Socks Subscription

One of my favorite things about a sock subscription is that it doesn’t matter if you have big feet or small feet. With me, for example, all of my socks are different sizes and so there will be something for everyone with Philosockphy. But when it comes to finding a great subscription, you want to make sure you’re paying for quality and not just quantity. When looking at Philosockphy reviews online, we found that people were impressed with how consistent their subscriptions were month-to-month. That consistency makes each pair feel like they’re made with care and your wallet feels better knowing that each month is getting what it signed up for!

Where To Buy Cheap (Good!) Quality Men's Dress Socks

Ever since I started getting dressed like a responsible adult, I've had a problem: good socks are always either ugly or too expensive. So, when ModCloth asked me to try out a sock of the month club, my initial thought was that they were just trying to get me to spend money on something that I would only wear once. But, after looking through their selection (and discovering some really cute patterns!), I was convinced that it could be worth checking out.

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There is a different subscription available for every kind of guy. Do you love socks? Enjoy whiskey? Fancy shirts? Witty books? Weird gear and gizmos that no one knows how to use? There’s a subscription for everything these days and for every interest, taste and lifestyle. There are boxes made just for moms, dads, or families. You can get things like meats delivered to your door once a month or go completely healthy with fruit and veggie subscriptions. Want some help being healthier but aren’t sure what foods you should buy at the grocery store? How about having someone else do all of your meal planning for you so it’s easy to eat healthy meals regularly even if you live an on-the-go lifestyle?