I Gave Up Sex for a Year and All I Got Was Cute Socks

I Gave Up Sex for a Year and All I Got Was Cute Socks

Give up something that means the world to you, like sex. Now think about what it means to give up sex for a year. Now think about giving up sex and all you’re getting in return are cute socks! Sound crazy? I thought so too when I first heard of sock-of-the-month clubs, but since then I’ve been convinced they’re the best gift you can give your loved ones (and yourself). With this gift idea, there’s no need to worry about whether or not your gifts will fit with someone else’s style, taste, or budget.

My journey as an entrepreneur with ridiculous dreams

Growing up, I loved computers. But as with most kids, my passion was short-lived. By my teenage years, computers had become rather boring. Like so many others, I drifted away from tech towards sports and girls. In high school, my ambitions were anything but business related—I wanted to be an athlete or rock star (or both). Thankfully for me, fate had other plans. While visiting home one weekend during my freshman year of college, my father showed me his newly purchased cell phone—the Motorola StarTAC flip phone with all of two features: call and end call buttons. It didn't look like much in 1999 but it was all he needed at that time—and he offered it to me to play around with during our drive back to school.

I gave up sex for a year and all I got was cute socks

In case you don’t have time to watch videos, here’s what happened: For one year, blogger Johanna Burai didn’t have sex, kiss anyone, or go on any dates. Instead she focused on cute socks. The result? A collection of more than 100 pairs of colorful knee-highs. The whole idea of NoSex2014 was to quit doing something (for me it was sex) that doesn't bring anything into my life and instead focus on something else (in my case collecting colorful socks), she wrote in an email interview with Cosmopolitan UK. So if I feel like having sex, I can do it with myself by buying cute new socks!

The importance of putting your passions into everything you do

One way of finding passion is to think about what you'd do if you won $1 million in a lottery. What would you spend your money on? Could those passions be redirected into daily activities? For example, if your dream car is a classic Mustang, could that force you to take better care of your current ride, or save up enough money to buy one once you have it? While it's fun to fantasize about winning millions in one lump sum, putting that desire into smaller steps helps make it more realistic. And even something as simple as buying colorful socks can add an extra boost to how we feel about our work.

Your life is what you make it

Sure, no one said living without sex was going to be easy. On many levels, it’s not (though, maybe you’re lucky enough to have a partner who wants to explore other avenues of sexual pleasure). But there are some things that will make your journey more fun (like buying cute socks) and others that can help you get through it (like staying connected with friends). The path isn’t going to be perfect—but if you can find even just one or two things to focus on each day, soon you'll realize it's not all that bad! Just take care of yourself: Get plenty of sleep, spend time with friends who support your decision and drink lots of water.